Michiel van Ogtrop & Nina van Heuveln in Gloobles Friends

Michiel van Ogtrop & Nina van Heuveln

a man with a penchant for travel and an eye for quality products, Michiel founded Travelteq, a beautiful Amsterdam-based leather goods brand fit for the modern traveller. each of his products is lovingly crafted in his home country, Italy, using only the finest leather. this charming foodie bounces between Amsterdam & Tuscany, checking out new products & new restaurants, along with his super cool girlfriend, Nina. with an art history degree & stints at several contemporary galleries & Christie’s under her belt, Nina decided it was time to set up her own art consultancy in Amsterdam: Heuv Art. this stunning art historian never misses a museum, gallery, art fair or artist’s studio during her travels, whether with Michiel or riding solo.

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