A DAY IN THE LIFE: Stephanie in Blog

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We're pretty open here at gloobles. We share all of our favourite spots and tell you why we love them. But when we sat down to discuss the second edition of our book that'll hit shelves soon, we realised that you guys might be wondering who, exactly, we are. That's when we decided to give you a little window into what goes on behind the scenes at gloobles. Now, the moment we've all been waiting for: a sneak peek into the life of our founder, Stephanie van Rappard.

Here's what a day in the life looks like:

What time does your day start?

Basically, our boys are my alarm clock. If we are lucky, we can sleep in till 8 AM, but more often, it's 7 AM. First, we cuddle in bed and read books before going downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Such a bat habit, but I check my phone…

What’s your usual breakfast?

Cappuccino with a slice of banana bread from our neighbourhood coffee shop Back to Black. I am addicted!

Coffee or tea?

Both: fresh ginger tea all day, and one or two coffees to get me started.

Are you a morning person?

Yes, I love the morning! But I have to say that since we had our two boys (a toddler & a baby) I am chronically tired.

Where do you work? At home? At an office? Describe it to us.

We just moved into our new house in the Weteringbuurt where we converted our attic into an open office space. I love working here, and our book fits right in with the new design.

Do you take a break for lunch or do you eat al desko?

If I have time for lunch, I love to make myself a fresh, healthy salad or an omelette and read my newspaper.

How has COVID changed the way you work?

I used to love working in a different inspiring place now & then. Fosbury & Sons, Soho House, Bocca, 4850, TOKI etc. Now everywhere is closed, so we are lucky we have our new office space upstairs. We even have a coffee station!

Afternoon is rolling around, and you’re hitting a slump. What’s your afternoon pick-me-up? Another coffee? A brisk walk outside? A treat?

I love to go for a walk and pick up a coffee & a piece of banana chocolate cake (with 70% Callebaut chocolate chucks) at Coffee District on Willemspark. They just opened a new location that’s closer to my house and is the perfect distance for a coffee break stroll.

What time does your day usually wind down?

When the children are in bed at 7 PM, my evening starts.

It’s dinnertime. Are you cooking or ordering in? What’s on the menu?

I prefer to cook; it's healthier & fresher. I love recipes by Ottolenghi, Nigella Lawson or Donna Hay. I do really miss eating out at my favourite restaurants, but ordering in is often a disappointment, and I'd rather keep the good memories and wait until they open again. I hope it'll be soon!

Dessert or no dessert?

I love desserts; I really need something sweet after dinner. Even a piece of chocolate will do.

What time is lights out?

I try to go to bed at 10:30pm but that always ends up getting there closer to 12.