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gloobles kicked off the new year with a safari at the stunning Marakele National Park in South Africa. This wildlife reserve was established in 2003 by philanthropist Paul Fentener van Vlissingen. It has become a ‘place of sanctuary’ for an impressive variety of wildlife due to its location in the transitional zone between the dry western and moister eastern regions of South Africa. All the large game species from elephant and rhino to the big cats as well as an amazing variety of birds have settled here. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.

Photo diary

White and black rhinos are actually called ‘white’ and ‘black’ due to a misinterpretation. An Afrikaans speaking man referred to one type of rhino as wyd (wide) due to is wider under lip, which was understood as ‘white’. The other type was automatically referred to as ‘black’.

Zebras need to spend longer periods of time out in the midday sun than other animals. Their black stripes absorb more heat than the white ones, which generates small-scale breezes over their bodies: a natural cooling effect!

Warthog, our absolute favourite (ok, together with the elephant)! We couldn’t  stop smiling each time we saw one of these funny pumba’s wobble past us. These tour guides of the Savannah stick their cute thin tails right up in the air, so their family members can spot them in the high grass. We would love to have one as a pet, such as this cutie at one of the farms near the park.

The King. Did you know that the story of the Lion King is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Zazu was there as well!

Marataba Safari Lodge prepared us a wonderful braai dinner. Absolutely recommended!

Photography by Lars de Jonge