A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Geza Weisz of Oeuf in Blog

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You might have heard the good news: we're having a baby! Well, a book baby, that is. After years of bringing you the best of the best of travel tips on the web, we decided to take pen (or printing press) to page & bring you an amazing, practical, beautiful guidebook to the city that is nearest & dearest to our heart. Which city is that, you ask? Why, Amsterdam of course! So now it's time for the countdown to begin.

As our publishing date grows ever closer, we want to give you some sneak peeks into what's to come to get you as excited as we are. Our book is nothing without the incredible shops, restaurants, bars & businesses we love, so it's important to us that you get to know them a bit as well. That's why, until the launch of our book, we are going to be bringing you interviews with the inspiring founders of some of our very favourite spots. 

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Geza Weisz, the talented restaurateur behind our one of the absolute best places to tuck into breakfast in the city, Oeuf. We must admit we're pretty jealous; we'd love to eat breakfast all day every day, too. Keep reading to find out what makes this incredible egg-lover tick.

gloobles: Geza! We could not be more thrilled to chat with you today. We've got one pressing question that we just need to ask you: what came first, the chicken or the oeuf?

Geza: Although I don't wanna upset any chickens...obviously the oeuf.

gloobles: Phew! We thought the same. Now, on a more serious note, can you walk us through how Oeuf came to life?

Geza: I always had the fantasy of opening a little egg-restaurant, but I was way too scared to really take the first steps towards this business. Thank goodness Tijn (Verstappen) - who is much braver than I am - had the same idea and asked me to do this together.

gloobles: It always helps to have a partner in crime. We love the vibrant neighbourhood Oeuf is in, but why did it speak to you?

Geza: For over 10 years, I've lived on the street where Oeuf is located. I love this neighbourhood; it has the right balance of the people who've been living here all their lives, young students & tourists. De Pijp feels like a romantic little village in the city.

gloobles: It absolutely does. We love that description. The design of the restaurant is so charming! Did you have a hand in it? Did anyone help?

Geza: When Tijn & I had a meeting at my place, he looked at my home & said, "You should decorate our restaurant." I felt flattered & blessed that he'd given me the chance to be in charge of the whole design. It was crazy fun to drive through the country in search of old tiles, mirrors & a 100-year-old French bar.

gloobles: 100 years old! That's crazy! Let's hope that it last another 100 years at Oeuf. Breakfast is obviously the name of the game at Oeuf. What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

Geza: Sincerely, I eat eggs every single morning. In all different ways. But my all-time favourite is still the Truffle Omelette.

gloobles: You really can't go wrong with truffles. When you're cooking at home, how do you make your eggs?

Geza: At the moment, I'm a big fan of the banana pancake: two eggs, a banana & some oats in a pan & then finish it off with some red fruit & cinnamon.

gloobles: YUM! Can we come over for breakfast? In addition to being a restaurateur, you're an actor! How are the two jobs different? How are they similar?

Geza: As an actor you work on a play that only exists for a couple of hours & then it's gone. With building a restaurant, you work on something that, if all goes well, could stay for decades. It was an incredible, exciting & funny feeling to have guests in Oeuf for the first time. Both jobs allow you to bring a fantasy to life.

gloobles: It sounds like they are the perfect balance. Would you ever consider opening more restaurants? Would they be more of the same or something entirely new?

Geza: Yes I would! To be honest, we just bought a new place that we're going to turn into a wine bar. There are a lot of cute bars in town, but, in my humble opinion, not many of them serve great wines by the glass. I'm very excited to open a cosy little place with great food & beautiful wines.

gloobles: We can't wait. We'll be there all the time, we're sure. Who or what inspires you?

Geza: New York & Tokyo are the two places that inspire me the most. When I'm there, I always get a thousand ideas.

gloobles: Both are such exciting, dynamic cities it's no wonder they inspire you! When you're not tucking into something delicious at Oeuf, where do you like to eat in Amsterdam?

Geza: Cafe Caron (it's on the same street as Oeuf) has a great vibe & very good food, Toscanini is my favourite Italian restaurant, Rijsel is incredibly good & De Vrouw met de Baard is amazing as well.

gloobles: Hey, it sounds like we've got very similar taste! Where do you like to get your coffee?

Geza: Il Momento is my favourite coffee spot. I'ts quite small, but they make a fantastic cappuccino.

gloobles: We imagine you need a good caffeine jolt every now & again, so we're sure you go there often. So we know where you like to eat in Amsterdam, but do you have a favourite restaurant in the world?

Geza: That would be The River Cafe in London, where the food is stunning & the whole atmosphere makes you feel like you're a rockstar. Or no, wait, nothing beats the Indoneisan food my mom makes!

gloobles: If your taste in food is anything to go on, we imagine your mom is also an incredible cook. Alright, last question, if you could share a plate of eggs with anyone in the world, who would it be & why?

Geza: I would share it with Ella, my beautiful girlfriend whom I have to keep happy every single day.