A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Leonore van der Waals of Inez Stodel in Blog

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Though not all that glitters is gold, we can hardly resist a little something sparkly every now & again. There's nothing that makes us feel more elegant or more special than a unique ring or bracelet, something that feels as if it was made for us. While you can certainly pick up a nice piece of jewellery in a number of places throughout the city, there's one place that truly has the crème de la crème: Inez Stodel. We had the pleasure of chatting with Inez's daughter, Leonore, who helps run this absolute gem of a shop. Keep reading for all the glittering details!

gloobles: Hi Leonore! Thanks for chatting with us today. Let's start at the beginning. How did the shop come into existence?

Leonore: After the war Inez’s father opened a store in Rotterdam where he sold everything antique from china to paintings to furniture to jewellery. He taught Inez the trade before she started her own shop in Amsterdam. Inez preferred jewellery & everything small: boxes, perfume flasks, micro-mosaics. I joined 17 years ago & recently took over the store, but we still work together.

gloobles: Sounds like a love of beautiful things is in your blood. How has it evolved since it opened?

Leonore: Of course the biggest change is that our clientele is completely international nowadays. Many people buy via Instagram, the website or via 1stdibs. We see people prefer to buy one unique, quality, statement jewel like the perfect gold bracelet or diamond earrings that will become an heirloom for generations to come instead of buying more, less sustainable pieces.

gloobles: Totally. It's about having something that only you have & something that will last many lifetimes. We love the location on the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Why did Inez choose it? If you were opening today, would you choose the same spot?

Leonore: Yes, we love to be close to our colleagues, the antique dealers. There is so much knowledge here. Maybe we'd choose a larger shop to host events for more people though.

gloobles: You're certainly in good company over there. Where do you like to go near the shop for a coffee during the day?

Leonore: Honestly, this would be a herbal tea & lunch at Deshima or lunch at Rijks.

gloobles: Oohh Rijks is so, so good. When the city becomes too much, where do you like to go to escape?

Leonore: I love to go hiking with my family through our lovely city, on the heather in Drente or in the Alps.

gloobles: Describe your dream client.

Leonore: We love to start relationships with people who are looking for original, beautiful & high quality jewellery. Our dream clients love beautiful things, the story & the history behind jewels. When our clients are bejewelled, happy & fabulous, we are too.

gloobles: Love that! When you’re not at Inez Stodel, where do you like to shop in Amsterdam?

Leonore: Dreamboat on the Czaar Peterstraat or at the Amstelveld flower market.

gloobles: We go almost every Monday! We'll keep an eye out for you next time. Favourite jewellery in the world?

Leonore: We love the Albion Historical Art Jewellery Institute in Japan, the V&A in London or visiting JAR in Paris.