A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Monique de Randamie of MOISE in Blog

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You might have heard the good news: we're having a baby! Well, a book baby, that is. After years of bringing you the best of the best of travel tips on the web, we decided to take pen (or printing press) to page & bring you an amazing, practical, beautiful guidebook to the city that is nearest & dearest to our heart. Which city is that, you ask? Why, Amsterdam of course! So now it's time for the countdown to begin.

As our publishing date grows ever closer, we want to give you some sneak peeks into what's to come to get you as excited as we are. Our book is nothing without the incredible shops, restaurants, bars & businesses we love, so it's important to us that you get to know them a bit as well. That's why, until the launch of our book, we are going to be bringing you interviews with the inspiring founders of some of our very favourite spots. 

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Monique de Randamie, the namesake & super chic curator of one of the very best places to shop in the city, MOISE. We always dreamed of being surrounded by beautiful things all day every day, so it's no wonder we're wildly jealous of Monique. Keep reading to find out all about this style maven.

gloobles: Hi Monique! We don't want to gush, but we really love MOISE. Can you tell us how it came into being?

Monique: I've worked in fashion for a long time, in different fields. I decided to start MOISE in Haarlem ten years ago & then made the move to Amsterdam about two & a half years ago.

gloobles: Oh wow, we didn't know MOISE started in Haarlem. I bet they're jealous Amsterdam is home to MOISE now. Can you explain the name?

Monique: Nothing, really. It's just the first two letters of my name & it sounded good.

gloobles: Fair enough! We love the buzzing location on the Ceintuurbaan. Why did you choose it?

Monique: De Pijp is an up & coming neighbourhood where hih-end stores were missing. Plus large store spaces were still available here.

gloobles: It sounds like it was the perfect place for MOISE then. Tell us a bit more about how you curate your collection. 

Monique: With years of experience, you get to know you clients while also staying true to your personal taste & vision.

gloobles: We think that your sense of personal style (which is amazing, by the way) really shines through at the store, & we adore that. Which brands do you find yourself gravitating towards?

Monique: All of them, otherwise I wouldn't select them for the store.

gloobles: So we're essentially shopping your dream personal wardrobe haha! Are there any brands that you like to wear that you don't stock at MOISE?

Monique: Old Celine & The Row.

gloobles: Both are designers we love as well. Could you tell us what it's like to run a high fashion shop in Amsterdam?

Monique: It's challenging at times & very dynamic thanks to the evolving tourism, but it's something I really like to do.

gloobles: Otherwise you probably wouldn't be doing it, we imagine. How would you describe the fashion industry in the Netherlands as a whole?

Monique: It's positively developing but not quite there yet.

gloobles: At least that leaves room for improvement! Now if you're not shopping at MOISE, where do you like to shop in Amsterdam?

Monique: Skins Cosmetics or the Noordermarkt. I don't shop anywhere else for clothing.

gloobles: Alright, we've got one last question. What's your favourite clothing store in the world?

Monique: Totokaelo in New York.