A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Rahul and Charlotte of Khasto in Blog

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We don't know about you, but we are just as particular about what we wear to bed (and how we make our beds, for that matter) as we are about what we wear during the day. Gone are the days when we'd toss on any old t-shirt and hop into those dorm room single beds. These days, we want to elevate our sleeping experience, just as we would anything else. And that is why we love Khasto. This dreamy little shop is filled to the brim with beautiful printed linens & nightwear. We chatted with owners Rahul & Charlotte to find out everything about this wonderful shop.

gloobles: Firstly, how did the two of you meet?

R & C: There are actually seven of us 😊. It’s a family business, so we have grown this way over time.

gloobles: We love a good family business. Tell us what it was like to open Khasto.

R & C: Well, it began with the Dutch-Indian marriage of Khasto’s founder, Gon, in the 70s. She developed a love of textiles & local projects in Rajasthan. Over time, she opened a textile store in the South of Holland in the 1980s &, beginning in the 2000s, in Amsterdam. This is the same shop where we offer the textiles we love most today.

gloobles: Wow! We had no idea you guys had been around so long. It's true what they say - good things last! What inspires you?

R & C: Creating new collections & continuing to learn about textiles. The store itself - the atmosphere we create there - also inspires us. It is a place where we want our customers & the team to feel inspired.

gloobles: We think you've done a pretty great job of that. What are you looking for when you’re choosing new products to add to the shop?

R & C: What do the colours & the prints communicate? What is the origin? Are the colours right? What story do the prints tell? Does it fit our sustainability & fair trade vision & policy? We look at a product & make changes until we feel good about it as a team.

gloobles: That's great that you're not only thinking about how things look & whether they fit your aesthetic but also how they make an impact on the world around us. Describe your typical customer.

​​​​​​​R & C: Tactile lovers of textiles, wellbeing & colour!

​​​​​​​gloobles: Sounds like us! Where else do you like to shop in Amsterdam?

​​​​​​​R & C: In our area of work, we like Capsicum a lot. Friendly, experienced owners & lovely products.  

​​​​​​​gloobles: Adding it to our list. Ok, last question. Where do you see Khasto in ten years?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​R & C: We have grown slowly. And that is fine for the next ten years as well. We are doing this for the journey itself, not some big end goal. Sometimes, we dream of opening a store in another country or doing a collaboration of some sort, but in exploring those ideas, we usually come back to feeling lucky & content with what we are doing now. It's about experiencing closeness in the team, strong bonds with suppliers with whom we can reach our goals in sustainability, personal contact with customers & learning more about craftsmanship in textiles. That already keeps us very busy!