GLOOBLES FAMILY: Alix van der Goes in Blog

get to know us

our absolutely fantastic intern Alix is a true sun-seeker. having studied in LA, Sydney & Utrecht (though that last one isn't exactly a tropical destination), Alix is in love with Mexican food and beers & embodies that laid-back, surfer girl cool vibe. when she's not working on her degree in communication & marketing, she indulges in a good book or a great movie before honing her surf & skate skills.

travel magazine
I don't necessarily read travel magazines but have a few Instagram accounts or 'influencers' that travel a lot and when I like a destination/restaurant/café/ beach they've visited, I archive it in my "bucketlist" album.

prepare for a trip
Usually, the trips I book are very random & last-minute, so there's often not much time for a lot of preparation. I always over-pack big time and end up using one fifth of the stuff that I brought. So now while packing my suitcase, I try on all the outfits I'm bringing, & if I'm bringing something that is not part of a planned outfit, I have to leave it behind (& then usually end up regretting not bringing it when I get to my destination).

spot to work
In a café for sure. Good coffee & a nice spot to sit and I'm a happy girl. I love it that people come & go and you can just watch people all day.

I like the classic old brown bars where you can order a beer for 2 Euros and enjoy it outside in the sun during the day and once it gets dark & colder out, everyone goes inside to continue drinking. One of my favourites is Café van Leeuwen.

date spot
Yes! My new favourite restaurant where I've been so many times the past few weeks and every time I'm there, I think of how it is such a perfect place for a date: Hangar in Amsterdam Noord.

place to go with friends
I like Happyhappyjoyjoy because it's always busy and a bit loud, so it's a good atmosphere if you're planning to go out after, Café George if you want to just catch up with someone & De Japanner or Escobar if you plan on drinking in the Pijp after because you won't have to walk far.

The Boathouse in Sydney.

Not necessarily one museum. I always look up what exhibitions are where. I love fashion exhibitions and my mom does as well, so when we go to Paris, we always have a look in advance where the fashion exhibitions are. I do like the Picasso Museum in Le Marais and I always enjoy going to the Met because they tend to have really interesting exhibitions on.

I've studied film for years, so I am a huge cinema lover. I enjoy the popup rooftop cinemas the most throughout summer. When I studied in London, I loved Curzon cinemas. They're small cinemas throughout the city that kind of give the living room vibe. The rooms are small with about 30 seats and the chairs are very big & comfy. It's all beige with a bit of a vintage look and the snacks are all organic & delicious.

place to live

city trip
While on a budget, Barcelona or Florence. When you've got some money to spend, San Francisco or Hong Kong.

trip with friends
Barcelona. It has a nice climate, good party scene & good food. It's also very easy to get around & very affordable.

travel bag
I have several bags. One big all black Samsonite suitcase for big trips, a black backpack from the North Face when I go somewhere adventurous and a brown crocodile leather Brics bag for weekend getaways.

travel outfit
I hate flying. It scares the hell out of me. So I usually wear something very comfy because I tend to move a lot when I get nervous. So usually Nike track pants with dad sneakers, docs or converse, a big long-sleeve t-shirt & a comfy sweatshirt. I usually wear a denim jacket over it.

travel essentials
Sunscreen, my Kindle, warm socks because I always get cold very easily, sneakers & a hoodie.

next trip
Cape Town & Port Elizabeth.

travel bucket list
1. Tokyo
2. Alaska
3. Costa Rica