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South Carolina bred, UK educated and Netherlands enthused, this girl has an insatiable hunger for travel and, of course, all things delicious. a traveller as seasoned as her cast iron skillet, Hayley always knows the best spots for a tasty bite or a cheeky glass.

travel magazine
Because I'm such a voracious eater, I'm embarrassed to admit that my favourite "travel magazine" is really more like the articles in Bon Appétit that are tangentially related to travel.

prepare for a trip
As anyone who's had the misfortune to travel with me knows, I am a very organised traveller. I source tips from friends, Suitcase & the Wallpaper Guides.

God, this is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child! In Amsterdam, I'd have to say the Wetering or the Heuvel, but The Blind Tiger in Charleston will always hold a special place in my heart.

date spot
To be honest, I'm a terrible dater. The last real date I went on, I dragged the boy to drag queen bingo...

Here we go again! My poor children! If pressed, I'd probably have to say NOPI in London. It's an old standby I go back to time & time again.

restaurant in Amsterdam
Ah, now this is easy. Buffet van Odette hands down. I cannot resist the siren call of truffle cheese omelette.

Is it cheating to say Rocycle? I promise it's not just because I write for them as well!

There are fleets of museums I love for the art or the curation, but there is only one museum I love for its food court: the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. 

weekend brunch
In my own kitchen, of course. The dress code is great, the food is better.

You never forget your first love, & mine was most certainly Cinebarre in Charleston. The movies aren't particularly spectacular, but can you honestly tell me you wouldn't fall head over heels for a place that serves Apoca-chips Now (nachos) & A Cluckwork Orange (a chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo) during an afternoon showing of Crazy Rich Asians.

place to live
I never thought I'd give London the cold shoulder, but Amsterdam really takes the cake.

city trip
Tel Aviv. The food is mind-blowing, the bars are pumping out juicy beats non-stop. What more could you want?

trip to unwind
I'm not a seasoned relaxer. Muscat, maybe? Splashing around in the pool at The Chedi with a strong drink is about as relaxed as I get.

travel bag
A Bric's rolling carry-on, though I've been told it's blasphemous for a cabin bag to have wheels...what can I say, I'm weak!

travel outfit
High-waisted trousers, white sneakers, a white t-shirt & a leather jacket. Don't forget the cap!

travel essentials
I can't remember the last time I flew without an eye mask, a face mask, toothpicks, a book & some sour candy. 

next trip
An eating road trip through Italy with fellow gloobles friend Dámaso Berenguer. We're headed to the gastronome's paradise Osteria Francescana, so we will certainly keep you posted.

travel bucket list
The Faroe Islands (I'm dying to go to Koks), the Trans-Siberian Express in winter & San Sebastián to eat with my good friend Gangster