GLOOBLES FRIEND: Carlijn Remmelzwaal in Blog

get to know us

This itsy bitsy Dutchie is as vibrant & energetic as they come, which is easy to pick up on when you see her zipping past on another run as she gets the lay of the land in a new city. When she isn't exploring her new city of Houston, you can catch her starting the day with her very favourite meal of the day: a big healthy breakfast.

travel magazine
I don't read travel magazines. I read travel blogs: Bag to RealityBag at You. and gloobles of course:)!

prepare for a trip
Weeks in advance, I start making a detailed list in my iPhone notes of what to bring with me, preferably using subcategories: what to buy, what to put in my checked bag or hand luggage, etc.

women's shop
OU Boutique.

Bar Mash.

date spot
Blauw - one of the best places to have a good Indonesian rice table.

place to go with friends
Restaurant Marathonweg.


restaurant in Houston
State of Grace.

Running! I love to run early in the morning to empty my head, and in other cities to explore the neighbourhood & surroundings. Now that I'm further along in my pregnancy, I don't run anymore, but I do a combination of pilates, yoga & barre.

Jeu de Paume in Paris, & my favourite one in Houston is the Museum of Fine Arts.

weekend brunch

business lunch
Oliver's at the Zuidas in Amsterdam.


place to live
Amsterdam because of the "easiness" of the city & its people.

city trip
Barcelona. My parents have a cute little apartment there, so I go there on a regular basis.

place to unwind
Brussels: the city where my parents live & where I grew up. It's the perfect place to escape from busy life in Amsterdam & relax.

girls' trip
Again, Barcelona. It's the perfect combination of beach, culture, shopping, good food & drinks.

travel bag
Light blue SuitSuit suitcase.

travel outfit
Jeans, loose t-shirt, bomber jacket & sneakers.

travel essentials
Dermalogica sunscreen & an e-reader.

next trip
My babymoon - to either Florida or California.

travel bucket list
Now that I live in Houston, I definitely want to explore more of the United States. I'd like to tour along the west coast & go camping in Canada.