GLOOBLES FRIEND: Frederiek Burlage in Blog

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Styl­ish detec­tive Fred­eriek is gloobles’ hid­den gem spe­cial­ist. Wher­ever she goes, Fred­eriek doesn’t stop inves­ti­gat­ing until she has found a truly secret local trea­sure.

preparations for a trip
I ask my good friend Steph for tips and I always read customer reviews. Nowadays I find it hard to know which sincere tips are and which are sponsored so I compare the reviews of different sites. And if I go in over-prepare-mode, I check Instragram to see tagged pictures of the food (and the people who are eating there).

Frederiek at le Club 55 in Saint-Tropez

can’t travel without
Books, sleeping mask, earlplugs, sunscreen, music, playing cards and running shoes. I like to run during holiday in the morning, it’s a good way to explore and you can be horizontal the rest of the day.

I love Argentina, great nature/people/food/wine/weather. Traveling by bus is really good! Order a cama ticket and you have your own bed.

Rijsel never lets you down. Café Amsterdam for ritual nights and we always get pampered. Bella Storia is good Italian for that date. Also love De Klepel. And Hotel Goudfazant is always good. My last trip was to Seoul and I really liked the Korean food. There is a good take away called Seoul Food on the Kinkerstraat. For lunch I love D&A on Westerstraat, really fresh middle eastern food.

I think still Hoppe, love the excellent service there.

work out
Rocycle. And on holiday that first swim in the morning.

place to get groceries
Lindengracht market

place to go with a date
A little Italian restaurant where only Italians work and where there are Italian customers. The uglier, the better (talking about the interior of the restaurant).

place to start a night out on the town
In Amsterdam the bar at Panache for a pornstar martini or Mash or Bukowski. I am always too late with hotspots, so don’t ask me the newest talk of the town.

place to go dancing
Paradiso – hiphopnight. In Paris I’ve been dancing multiple times in Bois de Boulogne. It is a couple of years ago but I really liked that. So international.

bucket list
Japan and Colombia.

next trip
Sri Lanka in December. Find Frederiek’s tips for Sri Lanka soon at gloobles.