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With both undergrad & law school at Harvard under his belt, this fit foodie is no Elle Woods. Now working as the vice president at AMC Networks, Juano knows the very best places to eat & work out in LA, New York & many other far-flung places. He's totally in-the-know, no matter the subject. He's a true modern Renaissance man

type of traveller
My favourite ways to travel reflect the different sides of my personality. Most of the time when I travel, I want to be adventurous & go to new places & try things that are completely foreign to me. During most of my holidays, I like to fill every minute of every day & night visiting new places & meeting new people. At other times, I just want to relax when I travel. Sometimes I just want to go to a beach or a cabin in the mountains & just read, rest & find calmness.

last trip
My last significant trip was to Milan, Lake Como & Piran, Slovenia during the summer of 2018.

city trip
My favourite destination for a city trip is Amsterdam. It has all of the activity of a vibrant, international city & the charm & beauty of a much smaller, more mature town. I've been to Amsterdam three times - once in the spring, once in the summer and once in the fall - & I have loved the city more with each visit. Walking along the canals by myself in autumn as the leaves were changing in 2017 was when I truly fell in love with Amsterdam. The natural beauty of the changing leaves set against the backdrop of the canals & the homes was breathtaking. I also have a very warm place in my heart for the Dutch people. I appreciate their generosity, kindness & honesty. Amsterdam also has fantastic art, history & culture...& the nightlife speaks for itself. Amsterdam is the perfect city for all of my interests.

boys' weekend
Aspen, Colorado. It has everything you could want for a boys' trip. Beautiful mountains for skiing & hiking, good food & lots to drink. There's also a great apres ski atmosphere.

place to unwind
Lately, it's been Upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains. There are beautiful little towns there like Woodstock, Tannersville & Kingston, and it's only about a two-hour drive from Brooklyn.

My favourite place that I've ever stayed was the Hotel Fasano in Rio De Janeiro. It has one of the best rooftop pools that I have ever seen, & it's across the street from Ipanema, which is one of my favourite beaches in the world.


business lunch.
21 Club in New York. It's a New York institution. Don't forget your coats, gentlemen.

weekend brunch
Joseph Leonard in New York's West Village. It's a tiny restaurant, & I love the intimacy of the space. Their food is simple & delicious, & they always have great music playing, which keeps the atmosphere lively.

place to work
Anywhere outside. A quiet cafe with outdoor seating like Norman in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is perfect for me.

romantic dinner
4 Charles Prime Rib in the West Village or Blue Hill at Stone Barns if I'm looking for a romantic adventure outside of NYC.

place to begin a night out
The bar at The Bowery Hotel.

place to go dancing
Anywhere with good music & people that don't take themselves too seriously. Lately, it's been Paul's Casablanca in Soho. House of Yes in Bushwick is always great if you like a more eclectic, free-spirited dance environment.

Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They always have great indie movies, & you can order a full meal & cocktails in the cinema.

I don't think that I have a true favourite workout because I love so many different forms of exercise. The workout that I've done the most consistently over the last decade, however, is boxing. I've enjoyed it because it is both physically & mentally challenging. The sport requires strength, agility & stamina. Also, it has always been very therapeutic for me to put on my boxing gloves & tune out the rest of the world. Boxing can look like a violent sport, but the more you do it, the more it starts to feel like an intimate dance, & you feel like a dancer trying to perfect your steps. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

running route
My absolute favourite running route is around the neighbourhood where I grew up in Atlanta. It reminds me of my childhood, which I love. It also has steep hills, & it's usually hot, so it's a hard run. In adulthood, my favourite running route was around Harvard Square & along the Charles River in Boston. The campus is such a beautiful place, there aren't too many cars, it doesn't have as many people along the route like there are in New York & running along the river was always a great way to forget about whatever stress or drama was in my life at the time.

prepare for a trip
My goal is to experience another way of life when I travel, & my way of doing that is to make my trips as spontaneous & adventurous as they can be. So, i don't do very much trip preparation. Normally, I'll just decide where I want to go then show up & see what happens. I may email or message a friend that lives there or someone who has travelled there before to ask for recommendations, but that's usually it. I probably won't see & do everything while I'm travelling because I don't like to make too many plans, but my hope is that I experience as much as I can by just being in the place & by not trying to do it all while I'm there.

travel bucket list
I like having a bucket list, but I don't like the idea of waiting until I'm old or retired to begin doing things on my list. So, my list is constantly changing. In the past five years, I've done multiple things that were on my bucket list. I've been to Machu Picchu, the French Open, the Monaco Grand Prix & gone skydiving in the Hamptons. I don't know when my last day will be, but I don't want to wait until I think I'm near the end of my life to start making the most out of it. So, my crazy, far-out bucket list travel ideas that will probably stay on the list for at least a few more years are to (1) see the Northern Lights (in Alaska, the Yukon Territory in Canada or Lapland, Finland) and the Southern Lights (in New Zealand, South America or Antarctica), (2) go scuba diving off the Galapagos Islands & (3) travel beyond the earth's atmosphere on a space flight to see the earth from outer space (e.g., Virgin Galactic or SpaceX).

next trip
Granada, Spain for a wedding in a few weeks.