GLOOBLES FRIEND: Judith Goudsmit in Blog

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Judith was born in Ams­ter­dam and moved to New York more than 10 years ago to pur­sue her dream of writ­ing. Now, Judith spends her time writ­ing plays, screen­plays and tele­plays she loves between Ams­ter­dam, New York and any­where great projects take her.

place to write
I like to write at home, but when I need a change, I go to the most beautiful library in New York. The big old one on 42nd Street. It was recently renovated.

places to get inspired
Anywhere! When I get stuck, I leave my house and take an aimless walk. There are inspiring things and people almost everywhere. It’s also good to be in a park. Or near the water. As long as it gets you out of your head and into the world.

New York movie
That’s so difficult! Many great films take place in New York. But I love the nostalgia and romance of Manhattan (Woody Allen) and the creepiness of Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski). This city has many sides.

In London: Royal Court Theatre. In New York: Brooklyn Academy of Music, St. Ann’s Warehouse, The Public. In Amsterdam I love festivals: Holland Festival, Over ’t IJ.

In Amsterdam: Kriterion. In New York: Metrograph, Film Forum.

place to meet cute single guys
I don’t know! You tell me. Maybe Strand?

your ideal night out
A dinner with friends with lots of laughs and stupid jokes. The kind of night that almost always leads to a hangover. Sometimes it leads to dancing, but I never know where to go! Things change so quickly around here I've stopped trying to catch up.

best coffee
There are a lot of good places to get espresso, but I secretly love the one dollar filter coffee you buy at a deli. The guy at my local deli knows my name and my order, wishes me a good day and means it and watches a lot of Chinese detective shows. It’s guys like that that make New York what it is and make me feel a part of it.

place to buy your groceries
I’d prefer to go to a farmers market everyday, but usually I go to Wholefoods. Or the Hong Kong supermarket in my neighbourhood. It’s cheap, and they have vegetables I had never seen before.

place with kosher food
Kossar’s, a bialy shop on Grand Street. A bialy is a Polish Jewish pastry, sort of like a bagel. There used to be tons of stores like that in the Lower East Side, but unfortunately most of them closed down because the rent went up so much. But Kossar’s survived, and there’s always a line.

brunch spot
There’s nothing better when you’re hungover than dim sum (I think). They serve it quick, and it satisfies all the cravings. Golden Unicorn is the best, and I’ve tried all of them! On Sundays they serve Peking duck in steamed buns that are so, so good.

Judth in Percy by gloobles friend Bella Janssens

nail bar
At Paintbox they do very cool and interesting, yet simple, designs. They remind me of sci-fi movies and make me feel very futuristic.

book shop
McNally Jackson. They wrap books beautifully there, so it’s a great place to buy gifts. Strand is also great; it has been around forever and they have (almost) everything. Everyone who works there loves to read, which is important.

place to buy interior design stuff
Ebay and Marktplaats. I’m a real addict. There’s also the antique garage flea market in Chelsea.

escape from the city
Hiking upstate New York or the Catskills. Or a walk in the Waterleiding Duinen with some close friends.