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Maurits loves to explore unique places & cultures with his friends and girlfriend. This handsome engineer has impeccable taste and when visiting new places he likes to conduct a thorough research so he can make the most of everything a new place has to offer.

place to start of a night out on town with friends
Conservatorium Hotel is always a good starting point. Whether on the beginning of a Friday night or having a Sunday brunch to explore the surrounding museums afterwards. A international crowd and cool architecture and design, the impressive steel and glass structure above the lobby still impresses me.

romantic dinner with your girl
Utrechtsedwarstafel, located unsurprisingly in the Utrechtsewarsstraat in Amsterdam, was a favourite venue when we lived three doors next to it. The restaurant is a very classic place owned by two truly passionate friends: the sommelier and the chef. Their new neighbour Bistrot des Alpes is also definitely worth a visit.

Maurits with his girlfriend & gloobles friend Stephanie Schuitemaker

place to get groceries for a home cooked meal
Lindenhoff, located in Baambrugge, is one of the best suppliers of many top restaurants in Amsterdam known for their beautiful vegetable gardens and top quality selection of Gasconne cows and Baambrugse pigs, all raised at the family owned farm located right next to the shop.

wine bar
Monvinic in Barcelona still offers the best varied wine selection I have ever encountered. Especially during my first visit around 2010 I was surprised to find a daily changing selection of 50 wines which could be chosen by an extensive menu on your personal ipad listing the wines by region, taste, year etc. Very innovative and sleek looking bar and restaurant.

Maurits in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An top of the lime stone cliffs of Bali, Indonesia the newly built hotel Alila Villas Uluwata is truly an impressive architectural place of luxury. The views over the ocean, the wild surrounding nature combined with very minimalistic design make this a unforgettable experience.

Since we have the luxury of having Amsterdam’s EYE cinema right in front of our house we like to go there using our Cineville pass in winter. We also like to combine the home-built cinema of FC Hyena with a nice quick dinner or glass of wine from their superb range of organic wines.

music venue
Having spent my 30th birthday in Berlin with my best friends we obviously could not skip a visit to Berghain which still offers the best mixed crow combined with a world renowned soundsystem located in a very industrial former power plant. After standing in a long queue and being observed by the legendary bouncers you feel as if entering a temple and it surely didn’t let us down…

Maurits in Xi’an, China

1000 steps beach at Bonaire is worth the steps down (and up) with its white beach where the turtles swim right up to you. It also serves as a perfect location to explore the underwater world of Bonaire filled with ship wrecks and the most colourful coral and fishes known all over the world amongst scuba divers.

how to spent a day in summer
A sunrise round of 18 holes with friends at the beautiful Leopard Creek golf course in South Africa where you can gaze at elephants and crocodiles passing by whilst playing one of my favorite sports. Afterwards we’d expand the group and take a tour along the coastline in the South of France in the classic 80s powerboat the Monte Carlo Offshorer 30, which I am currently renovating with a friend in the NDSM dockyards. When the sun sets we’d have my favorite Chinese cuisine and dance all night long in Bejing, where I once spent 6 months studying, in one of their intense nightclubs.

Koninklijke Haagse Golf & Country Club

essential travel items
Being a big fan of swimming in open water I never leave without my swimming shorts, even if it’s a short city trip. Also, my ereader is definitely an essential as an avid reader and I really do enjoy my music just a little bit more with my noise cancelling Bose headset.

ideal holiday
Combining the newly built urban world of its capitol Taipei with the rugged central mountain range of the island Taiwan is on top of our bucket list. The Taiwanese culture seems to have found an admirable combination in striving for technological advancements whilst respecting their ancient beliefs and surroundings.