GLOOBLES FRIEND: Michiel van Ogtrop in Blog

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To follow his passion for traveling and nice products, Michiel started Travelteq, a beautiful Amsterdam-based leather goods brand fit for the modern traveler. All products are made in his birth place, Italy, using the finest leather. Apart from Amsterdam, Tuscany is where this charming foodie spends most of his time, both checking out new products but most of all exploring new restaurants.

preparations for a trip
Usually I don’t prepare a lot but I make sure to know the hotspots, book some good restaurants in advance if necessary. Furthermore I pack simple and light, so the night before is just fine.

travel magazine
Monocle magazine. They are great at discovering the undiscovered places. Years later others catch on. This is how I learned about Comporta for example.

place to work
Our second meeting room is Bocca Coffee in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. They serve the best coffee in town and the barista’s are super kind.

place to take a date
That should remain a secret as I’m still single ? But I usually go for the full diner experience. I’m quite a foody and always like to try new places.

wine bar
That would be Bar Central in Amsterdam. They have a great selection of natural wines and great food. Nice and casual atmosphere.

place to go with friends
Big dinner at a chef’s table in one of my top 3 restaurants and ideally the restaurant turns into a little disco… Something Amsterdam still misses in my opinion. Favela Chique in London used to be a place like that.

Gebroeders Hartering in Amsterdam. These guys understand food and hospitality. They are so passionate about what they prepare. I always go for the full menu with their signature ‘Ribstuk’. Couldn’t make me any happier. Also need to mention Osteria Francescana in Modena. Was the best foody experience of my life.

Italian restaurant in Amsterdam
I would have to say Toscanini. Though honestly speaking, Amsterdam could use a challenger restaurant.

business hotel
I don’t really like business hotels. When I go on business I like to go for the local experience. So my last business trip that I really liked the hotel was in New York at the Ludlow hotel. Otherwise Soho House always does the trick.

Tuschinski is still the most beautiful cinema to go to. And, unlike the small art house cinema’s, they serve popcorn…

Stedelijk Museum. There is aways something exiting going on and they organize great events to engage the younger crowds.

place to live
Aside from Amsterdam it has always been New York. At this stage in my life it would be the best second city. High on energy and always something new to discover.

city trip
Lisbon is the place to go. A city near the sea with great food, culture and fun night life. The quality of life is quite high there.

trip with a group of friends
A ski trip somewhere in the Alps. Nice and cosy big chalet with a fire place. Lot’s of skiing, but also very important… Long lunches in the sun!

ski resort
Zermatt is my favorite by far. A cosy and car free village. The majestic Matterhorn, great skiing and the best food in the Alps for sure.

place to unwind
Our family home in Lucca. We can be totally of the grid there on the mountain. I’m there frequently and a couple of times a year I go alone.

travel bag
That’s the Travelteq Voyager Mini in canvas. It totally serves my needs for a short weekend trip of a visit to the gym. Smart compartments and looks quite smart.

Michiel at the flagship store of Travelteq in the Kerkstraat

outfit for a long flight
I always wear comfortable clothes. Chino’s, sweatshirts and sleeveless body warmer to keep warm but also to keep my valuables and tech devices on me.

travel essentials
My Bose Noise cancelling headset, power bank and my recent discovery… My Kindle. Al transported in a bag from the Travelteq collection.

next trip
Very excited for my 10 days husky sledge tour in the North of Sweden in March.

travel bucket list
Argentina for the variety of nature from Patagonia to the dessert, the culture of Buenos Aires and the wine lands of Mendoza. New Zealand for the beautiful nature and adventure. And Japan for a full on foody tour throughout the whole country, deep snow tree skiing and to see the Japanese cherry blossom ?