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After living in New York Nathalie got inspired to start her own company and in October 2014 she opened the very first and only 100% organic & cold-pressed juice bar in The Netherlands: The Cold Pressed Juicery. This striking business women and fit girl has a strong vision about food & fitness and dreams to make everyone healthier & happier. In the little spare time she has, Nathalie loves to explore unique health & fitness concepts and healthy restaurants.

inspiration for The Cold Pressed Juicery
Totally selfish reason. I have been making my own fresh organic juices at home for the past 9 years as there was no place in Amsterdam with fresh organic green juices. Then when I moved to New York in 2013 I not only found juice bars but places with cold pressed juices and raw food! After this revelation I never touched my own juicer again and I realised there were more people that were living this healthy lifestyle. I noticed that people in Amsterdam slowly but surely started to realise that white bread with chocolate sprinkles or cheese is not the healthiest way to live a long and happy life: more organic supermarkets opened up in Amsterdam and the regular supermarkets even started to sell gluten free bread. That is the moment I thought: now is the time to open up a place like The Cold Pressed Juicery. We were the very first in Europe to import the original Cold Press machine from the States!

type of traveler
Adventurous and curious I would say. I always like to explore new places and only go back to the same location if my family lives there or if I really really loved it.

Nathalie in Oahu, Hawaii.


last trip
Los Angeles and Hawaii. I visited three islands on Hawaii: Maui, Kauai and Oahu. All unique and amazing in their own way. Absolutely magnificent islands.

place to unwind
Every time I go to a new place I seem to find it very difficult to sit still because I want to explore, drive, walk and look around. To unwind I would have to go to a place I have been before so I dont feel the urge to explore:). My top two all time favourites, again I cannot choose, would be the very special island of Koh Lipe in Thailand (by far my favourite island there) and Tarifa in Europe. Almost every year I go to the same spot in Tarifa (Spain) where they have mouthwatering greta salads, juices and always sun & wind if I want to kite surf. Plus an added bonus is that it is close to my mom and dad.

city trip
I cant choose. Lets break this question down. Favourite city in Europe would be Paris and London. Outside Europe it would be New York and Bangkok.

Como Shambhala Estate in Ubud (Bali) is my ultimate favourite place to stay. The nature is breathtakingly beautiful and the place is situated in the middle of the jungle and rice fields. They have my all time favourite raw food restaurant there called Glow. The food is out of this world: raw banana pancakes, coconut yoghurts and homemade juices for breakfast. Lunch is anything from raw pastas to raw tacos and everything tastes better than the original real deal. Also the hotel rooms are placed so you have absolute privacy and you feel like you are the only one on Teh Jungle: your room will have large windows from floor to ceiling and you will be hanging over and in the jungle. And there is an indoor ánd outdoor bathroom: have you ever been in a bathtub alone in the jungle? Besides from the room, the food and the premises they also offer great healing and calming activities. Every morning you can do meditation and yoga classes with great teachers. There is a spa, pools and private pools. As you might notice I can go on and on. This is a very special place to with someone special on a special occasion.

Nathalie at The Cold Pressed Juicery Jordaan, Prinsengracht.

weekday breakfast
The Cold Pressed Juicery of course. Honestly, I never have breakfast anywhere else. I don’t.

weekend brunch
Anywhere in New York. The brunch culture there is phenomenal. If I have to choose in Amsterdam then I usually get nice stuff from Small World and Marqt and make one at home and if I have to go outside I go to Lavinia or Buffet van Odette.

place to sit with your laptop and work
The Hoxton Hotel.

juice bar, apart from TCPJ:)
Moon Juice in Los Angeles!

romantic dinner
Anywhere where you can watch the sunset or where there is candle light. The table needs to have candle light. ;-). In Amsterdam I would probably recommend to go to Vuurtoreneiland for anyone that wants to go on a romantic dinner. Even though its also great to go here with family.

vegetarian restaurant
Mana Mana in de Pijp in Amsterdam. (they also serve some meat dishes).

place to go dancing
I never go dancing in Amsterdam to be honest. But if I do it happens at birthdays and house parties: my all time favourite with my close friends and our own tunes! When abroad I enjoy going to Olivia Valere in South of Spain and during the day any place on the beach where the music is good.

work out
Rocycle Studios. Hands down my favourite by far: always uplifts my mood and it doesnt feel like workout but more like a party and a pep talk ;-).

running route
A full 10km loop in Central Park passing by the always exciting Columbus Circle. If you continue along the Hudson River you can run the longer loop from 16km.

work out brand
For now I would say Lululemon, Nike and Deblon.

preparations for a trip
I research where to go, what to see and where to stay. I start by looking on gloobles to see what they say, I then continue on google. I always buy a Wallpaper guide if it exists of the place I am going to. Then I also use Instagram and follow cool locals in advance. Finally I create a list of the days & times I have booked or need to make reservations. I like to book 50% in advance if its a new place and the other 50% I leave open so I can enjoy stumbling upon something new and can be spontaneous.

Nathalie in Koh Lipe, Thailand.

travel bucket list
I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, but I never made it to Byron Bay so that is high on my list: going back to Australia and explore more. And India and Cape Town. All places I haven’t been to yet.

next trip
I just got back from Hawaii so havent decided yet but could be anything between Spain, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Cape Town or New York.