GLOOBLES FRIEND: Sander Schimmelpenninck in Blog

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a true Renaissance man, Sander worked as a lawyer and owned a pizza restaurant before trying his hand at writing. now the editor-in-chief of lifestyle magazine Quote., he is known for his sharp tongue & strong vision. sander splits his time between Sweden, Croatia & the Netherlands.

travel magazine
Quote! Dutchies & Dutch entrepreneurs have a tendency to be adventurous and it always inspires with new destinations.

prepare for a trip
I read about the place I’m going and study the local map. I hate tourists that have no idea where they are and don’t know a thing about local history. It’s stupid & decadent to see the world as one big fun park.

men's shop
I absolutely do not care about fashion.

Hoppe. It’s a classic, but the beer really tastes better there than anywhere else.

date spot
Pastis, a local French bistrot on my street in Amsterdam. It’s low key, simple.

friends' trip
Croatia. It’s a bit of a men’s destination - not polished, not completely developed yet, but a great mix.

restaurant in the world
The Jane in Antwerp. I like big buildings.

restaurant in Amsterdam
I’m usually not interested in fine dining, as I find it a waste of time. In Amsterdam price & quality, especially when it comes to service, are poor. But hey, if I need to name a place, it would be Salmuera.

Rocycle; I only bike standing up nowadays.

The Pergamom Museum in Berlin. I like Berlin museums in general. The city has been in the centre of world history for a century, & it shows.

weekend brunch
Gothenburg, Sweden. I like midsize cities that are not overhyped, full of all the same stuff like most capitals are. Usually the second or third city of a country offers a lot more character. And Swedish are great at lunch & coffee.

business lunch
I’m Dutch. We have sandwiches behind our computer and get back at it.

I like the FilmHallen, as they have good offers.

place to live
I have lived in Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Milan as an adult. I didn't like one of them. I might need to accept I’m made for the countryside.

city trip
I really like Valencia. Easy going, very affordable, good food, not overrun by tourists, great climate.

place to unwind
Croatia. Most beautiful coastline in Europe, sweet people, no pretentiousness, best sea to swim.

boy's trip
I like driving and I really would like to do a road trip along the US West Coast. Or Scandinavia. Or Eastern Europe. Road trips, anyway.

travel bag
I have a Travelteq.

travel outfit
A kilt, a Peruvian hat & golden earrings.

travel essentials
Passport & The Economist - to show that I’m an intellectual.

next trip
Croatia, Los Angeles & Portugal (I've never been).

travel bucket list
With a house in Croatia and a girlfriend in Sweden, travelling less is on my bucket list.