GLOOBLES FRIEND: Stephanie Schuitemaker in Blog

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Busi­ness­woman and fash­ion icon Stephanie always turns heads with her unique style and her bold fash­ion state­ments. In 2016 she started her own fash­ion gallery SCHUIT together with her cre­ative part­ner Diek Pothoven to support unique tal­ented design­ers. Stephanie also has an impec­ca­ble taste for food & wine and her din­ner par­ties are def­i­nitely some­thing to look for­ward to.

how to keep up with the latest fashion trends
I seek to visit all the graduations shows, as it is the most exciting to connect with the designers at the beginning of their career. I also keep myself updated by Instagram and by talking to young upcoming designers who are often very aware on what is going on.

new & upcoming designer we should keep an eye on
I feel very privileged to work with a few young emerging designers which I believe create work which goes beyond seasons and have a very unique style. In the Netherlands these young designers include Barbara Langendijk, Max Zara Sterck, Johannes Offerhaus and Joanne Vosloo.

Stephanie Schuitemaker with gloobles founder Stephanie van Rappard at Dutch National Opera & Ballet

where to buy unique design pieces
I seek young designers and buy the pieces often directly from them. These are unique pieces and it’s the connection and experience which contributes to the work. This way I contribute directly to the designer. I hope to encourage this mindset of buying and contributing with my company SCHUIT.

lingerie & bikini shop
ERES is definitely my favourite brand for lingerie and swimwear. The style is very elegant and it makes every woman more beautiful due to the natural fit. The right fit is ultimately what will make you feel confident and this energy will transcend. I seek a special design, though with lingerie and swimwear have come to understand more what my body needs.

jewellery shop
I’m very interested in contemporary jewellery and in the Netherlands we are very privileged to have three highly acclaimed galleries with all an interesting collection – Gallery Rob Koudijs (Amsterdam, Gallery Marzee (Nijmegen) and Gallery Ra (Amsterdam). Also I love the jewellery that the designers I work with create, work on the verge of jewellery and a piece of clothing.

place to buy a good bag
I find it very challenging to find a good bag which really makes a difference. I’m not interested to wear a branded bag. There are some fun, good and elegant backpacks now available and I’m very happy with my backpack from Cote&Ciel which I bought at the Hendrik Vibskov Store (New York) and with the backpack of PACK of the dutch designer Alei Verspoor.

interior design store
My favourite interior store is Frozen Fountain, Prinsengracht Amsterdam. Thou, I also try to seek out other interior design via Instagram. I’m very intrigued by the designers the Gallery Victor Hunt represents.

place to buy make up and beauty products
I solely buy my products at Cosmetics and Care, Herenstraat Amsterdam. They work and sell only clean and natural products and since I have been using their products my skin is healthier than ever and I need less products. I value their sincere personal advise.

how to prepare for a dinner party at home
My boyfriend Maurits mostly takes over the kitchen and always surprises me with something delicious and well presented, I love to take care of the wines and add the details to the evening. A perfect team.

place to buy groceries
We buy our groceries very diverse. Our favourite places to buy our groceries are at Landmarkt and sometimes Lindenhoff for special dinner parties.

magazine shop
I buy my magazines at Atheneum. They have an extensive collection of magazines on art, design and fashion.

art gallery
I seek to keep myself updated with the exhibitions of KERS GALLERY, Particles and Gallery Ron Mandos. KERSGALLERY is run by Annelien Kers and she has a very distinctive taste for artists and I admire her energy and dedication. Wilpert Dreesman of Particles has an explicit and fine eye for elegant design. Also I find it very inspiring how he contributes to the production of the design and therefore sharing the risk of the designer. Ron Mandos represents a few artists I’m very fond of and he has always worked with a fun and good team.

STIJL ONTKLEED by SCHUIT at Fashion Design Festival Arnhem

building & architecture
My favourite architecture is the summer house my grandfather had built in Lillesand, Norway. The wooden design is still so contemporary and excites me every time I’m there, thou still blends into the nature – the woods, the sea and the rocky dark stone. This place which he has created has formed us in every aspect.

place to be in Amsterdam North
My favourite spot now in Amsterdam Noord is FC Hyena. It is low key atmosphere, simpel and good design, unconventional but quality wines and good food and a small yet nice selection of movies shown in their two theaters.

rooftop terrace
I have some lovely memories of the rooftop bar Shoreditch House as my brother Thor and sister Nina are members. Hot summer bubbly evening with friends and family which turns into new friends and dancing.

place to enjoy a good glass of wine
I very much enjoyed a glass of German wine on the terras of the restaurant Scheepskameel. This is yet one of the few place in the sun and which is not yet too cool, therefore packed. They have style! They serve solely German wines and the wines are good. Definitely a place to reserve beforehand for the dinner inside.

Sunday brunch
I love the brunch at Cafe Worst in Amsterdam. The food is rural yet delicate, fine wines and a lovely atmosphere. In Oslo I love the beautiful hidden place Kolonihagen Frogner on Frogenerveien, one of the most beautiful streets in the centre of Oslo between the park around the royal palace and the fantastic Vigelandsparken with the statues of Vigeland. Kolonihagen is a small restaurant which serves rural Scandinavian dishes. Inside you can enjoy the beauty of the wooden building and the coyness of the fire and outside you are surrounded by a dedicate selection of plants form the gardenshop next door. They are open every day except for Sunday.

Stephanie with her sister Cathelijne at her summer house in Lillesand, Norway

place to get inspiration
There is so much that inspires me. I feel most inspired by nature, a good exhibition and by contemporary dance. I love to go to Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum, even for a short stroll to get my head clear, fall in love and energised. I’m always delighted by the work of NDT (National Dance Theater) and especially by the work of the choreographer Crystal Pite. The combination of dance/ movement, space and lighting design, music/sounds and clothing can be mind-blowing! I’m always taken away by the nature in Norway, especially where we have a summer cabin in Lillesand at the seaside. Here is where all my dreams and inspiration start to develop and grow. I have always been fascinated by the Japanese culture, design and dedication. My trip to Japan for a month has only intensified this fascination.