GLOOBLES FRIEND: Stuart Head & Fleur van der Erve in Blog

get to know us

Fleur and Stu­art make the per­fect (gloobles) cou­ple. These super intel­li­gent and good-​looking food­ies with an inter­na­tional back­ground (includ­ing Bel­gium, France, South-​Africa, USA) love to explore new des­ti­na­tions together, where they search for the best street-​food in hid­den alleys as well as the most ele­gant restau­rants for a roman­tic (dou­ble) date.

when in Belgium
Try the typical Belgian things: brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, drink a good Belgian beer, taste a good Liege waffle (which you can find in every city)

preparations for a trip to South Africa
Book a car in advance! And don’t forget to book a table at all the top restaurants well in advance, especially during high season in Dec/Jan. Also, you should know that most of the special restaurants are located outside of the city, up to an 1h drive.

musts for a trip together
Has to fulfil both our needs! Meaning: great local food, beaches for Fleur and exiting adventures for Stuart.

romantic weekend
Weekend in Champagne. The entire atmosphere is “love”-themed! And although of course there are quite some tourists in Champagne, there are so many houses and the area is so vast that you can easily enjoy time alone in a small bed & breakfast.

secret tip for Champagne
Definitely the Veuve Fourny tasting. Go for a late afternoon walk in the traditional town Hautvillers.

holiday with your in-laws
Avoid them ? Choose a destination with enough restaurants, beaches, and roadtrip possibilities to occasionally sneak out with just the two of you to an exclusive location.

couples trip
Citytrips are perfect for double-date trips, usually enough versatility for everyone! We had such weekends in Copenhagen, Antwerp and Paris.

perfect Saturday in Amsterdam
There is none. Too much to do on one day, so always the feeling of missing out on something. But it includes brunch and 5 o’clock drink on a terrace if the weather allows.

Wow, that’s tough…. In Cape Town it is definitely Delaire for its great wines and small platters during tasting, but also a fantastic view over the valley, and exquisite architecture. Overall a very charming place and really an experience.

place to buy groceries
ZuiderMRKT, to get some special cheeses and nice veggies for a festive dinner.brunch
We always look for a place with poached eggs, fresh ingredients and preferably something sweet as well. Go to Bakers and Roasters in Amsterdam, Brenda’s in San Francisco or Matt’s in Phoenix (Arizona). All have a good choice of either healthy or “sinner” breakfast. There is nothing wrong with the occasional full English breakfast or stack of pancakes ;).

cocktail bar
The Grand at the beach in Cape Town. The most amazing granadilla – mint Cocktail with your feet in the sand. Can’t get any better location-wise.

wine bar
GlouGlou in Amsterdam. They really know what they are doing! Just tell them what you’ll like and they will find what you want.

next trip
Cuba for two weeks. Although finding good food will probably be a bit challenging, we will look for the best cocktails made with local Rum. Surely we will enjoy the typical Cuban authenticity.