GLOOBLES FRIEND: Tessa Duste in Blog

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After her studies in Delft natural beauty Tessa co-founded MOSS and Hrbs to make cities more liveable and sustainable. From a young age Tessa always found herself drawn to cities and therefore she loves to explore new places and cultures. This striking lady divides her time between Amsterdam & Ghana where her boyfriend Stefan lives.

place to live
I like the diversity of living in different places, and hopefully I will be able to do so for the next years. Yet Amsterdam is always a very nice home to come back to, with all my friends/ family around and its super relax atmosphere.

destination for its architecture
Probably Valencia and in particular because of the Calatrava buildings. Other cities may have more diversity in architecture, but I was amazed by these white futuristic buildings from a very young age, so I will always be a hug fan of his work.

green urban space
The botanical garden in Copenhagen is one of my favourite green public spaces. Actually Copenhagen has a lot of nice green spots which are open for public, much more than any other city in Europe I reckon. But the botanical garden is just filled with foreign plants and you can just lay in between on the grass. And a walk though the greenhouse is just as impressive.

how to see a destination as an industrial designer 
I think I used too be very focused on what was nice and wasn't (in my opinion). But nowadays I am more open to the ideas, impulses, thoughts and designs of others. That might have to do something with age, but being open for other peoples input makes it also possible and easy for yourself to be more inspired. So that's a win-win right?

place to buy groceries
On the market, I live next to the Albert Cuyp market which is there almost every day!

chef that inspires you
My favourite recipes are those of Yotam Ottolenghi. They are simple, delicious and in most cases vegetarian. I always find something good in one of his cookbooks.

place to go for a drink
Somewhere with live music. Fe. the best nights out are at the Adam&Co club with live music so my friends and I can dance all night.

Tessa with gloobles founder Stephanie van Rappard and gloobles friend Nina van Heuveln in Central Park, New York.

place to sit with your laptop and work
I love to go to ZOKU for my business meetings, it is super lively and comfortable. ZOKU is as well one of our Moss projects, so it is always good to check how the plants are doing.

I get my inspiration through nature walks and meeting passionate people.

fashion shop
The vintage shop 'Rosa Rosas' in Amsterdam is always nice; at that place I never walk out empty handed. Next to that I can give my own clothes a second life which I find necessary in an increasing fast fashion world.

Tessa in Croatia

design piece
I especially like design initiatives where visionary people come up with a simple product/idea, but have so much impact. Good examples are Boyan Slat with the Ocean clean up, the 'smart highway' of Daan Roosegaarde and starting designers like Dave Hakkens with his open source plastic recycling machine 'Precious plastic'.

design shop
Dutch design is very straightforward and creative, thats why I like to visit the Droog store once in a while.

preparations for a trip
Weeks in advance I stroll the internet searching for nice restaurants, must go places and start asking friends for their experiences. I like to book some spots in advance, but mostly I will just wonder around in the city to look for nice spots.
Days in advance I start planning the trip in my head, I never write stuff down and in most cases I don't forget anything. I travel light, because I don't like carrying a large suitcase. So it is not that much of deal for me. 
On the day itself I always pass by the bookstore at Schiphol airport to buy a book for my travel. They have a good selection of international books, so it is great to use that 'waiting time' to find new interesting reads. Oh and I always take 'snacks' with me for travel, so I can thank for the airplane food.

travel bucket list
Number 1 on my bucket list is the W trail of Patagonia. I imagine that as one of the most beautiful trails in the world, because of its diversity in landscape. I like active holidays, yet closing off some days on a sunny beach makes it even better.

next trip
Accra, Ghana to visit my boyfriend. I'll stay for ten days, working during daytime, but I will be exploring Accra during the evenings and coastal villages such as Elmina, Nzulenzu and Beyin on weekends.