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Though she hails from the land of the free, home of the brave, this lovely little American is practically a Dutchie now. She's a wiz in the kitchen and known for unearthing the best culinary gems no matter where she steps foot. Looking for a juicy rouge or a killer running route perfect for spotting hotties? Well, then TT's your gal.

travel magazine
It's not a travel magazine, but I love to look at the NY Times International Real Estate section for aspirational home purchases/travel day dreaming. I reach for HERE for more attainable travel goals.

prepare for a trip
Start with where I want to eat! Figuring out my first meal or glass of wine helps me set the tone for a relaxed trip as well as to find cool neighbourhoods.

place to work
I love hotel bars. In Amsterdam, you can find me at Morgan & Mees.

Café de Wetering in Amsterdam. Cisco Brewery in Nantucket.

date spot
In the summer, I love being outside, so in Amsterdam, I would pick up a bottle of wine (Rebel Wines has a great natural selection) and sit in the Westerpark. In NYC, I'd do drinks and walking along the High Line.

place to go with friends
Kuma Inn in NYC is a BYOB Asian tapas that's great for a raucous dinner party if your tiny NYC apartment can't fit more than a few people. 18th Street Lounge in D.C. is the former mansion of Teddy Roosevelt now hidden above a discount mattress store. It has live reggae (and an eclectic crowd) every Wednesday.

Lilia in New York - their agnolotti are ethereal sheep's milk pillows!

restaurant in Amsterdam
Rijsel - I hate a menu that has too many options. Rijsel has a curated selection of high quality, unembellished food and a funky "secret treasure" wine list. And it has friendly, low-key service (a rarity in Amsterdam).

The Met. I also love the setting of the Kröller Müller in the Netherlands.

Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge, MA. Whenver I'm home in Boston, I go there and usually end up sitting through something uncomfortable with my parents (think the peach scene in Call Me by Your Name).

place to live
Amsterdam! And then NYC.

city trip
It's cliché, but Paris...

trip with friends
Tel Aviv. In one day you can see incredible religious cross-sections, have the best falafel of your life and boogie by the beach.

travel bag
Away for wheels, and T. Anthony for duffel.

travel outfit
Layers. Usually a Reformation jumpsuit, sweater, scarf and loafers to easily slide off if I'm flying from the U.S. (travel pet peeve: taking off shoes at the airport!).

travel essentials
Comfy socks, a scarf, eye covers, giant bottle of water and peanuts.

next trip

travel bucket list
Skiing in Japan, road tripping in Brazil and Argentina and eating King salmon in the Pacific Northwest.