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This Belgian beauty is already a travel guru in her own right, cataloguing her stunning, adventurous travels on her carefully curated Instagram. though she now works in Amsterdam, she's lived all over, from London to New York & many, many places in between. When we're looking for the best workout in town or the most beautiful spot for coffee & cake, we know we can always ask Athena!


travel magazine
I don't really read specific travel magazines, but I love travel guides like Monocle and Louis Vuitton (I've heard this one is always curated by locals, which is why it's so good!)

prepare for a trip

I usually just research restaurants & hotels I want to go to by asking friends, searching on Instagram or consulting my giant list of "Places to go" that I have saved in my notes on my phone (categorised by country/city). Whenever I see, hear or read about a cool place, I immediately add it to my notes. I also research museums and exhibitions I would like to see. Packing always happens at the very last minute!

women's shop

I like to shop at concept stores that carry different brands, and the best city for concept stores is my hometown, Antwerp. My favourite ones are Enes, Baby Belgua & Princess. I also love Reformation for summer dresses & denim.


Glou Glou in De Pijp!

date spot
In my eyes, a great date is something along the lines of going to a cool exhibition or museum & then sitting down on a terrace (somewhere sunny!) with big cups of coffee & talking about everything & nothing!

place to go with friends
Honestly, as long as I'm with good friends, it doesn't really matter what I'm doing (cheesy, but true, but cheesy). But outdoor activities like ice skating in winter, going for a walk in the park or going to the beach in summer are probably my top choice!

That would probably be Charlie Bird in New York. It's probably one of the least pretentious restaurants in the city. The staff is incredibly kind, the food is incredible (their farro salad is probably one of my favourite dishes in the world) and everything is just right, from the wine glasses to the music choice.

restaurant in Amsterdam
Without a doubt Café Binnenvisser. I’ve been here the most out of all restaurants in Amsterdam. Partly because it’s a 5 minute walk from my apartment, but mainly because I’ve never had a single bad evening or meal here.

I love trying different workouts, & you could say I’ve tried it all, from CrossFit to barre to trampoline fitness to essentrics. But my favourite is boxing. I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years.

ChiChu Art museum on Naoshima Island in Japan. The museum was built in function of the art works, which is just incredible. & the whole island has this mysterious James Bond vibe. Bucket-list material.

weekend brunch
Granger & Co. in London is a classic & my all-time favourite brunch spot. In Amsterdam I like having a lazy Sunday brunch at Buffet van Odette!

business lunch
Morgan & Mees. It’s pretty quiet during lunchtime on weekdays, which makes it perfect for discreet business lunches.

The coolest cinema is definitely at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. It’s designed by Axel Vervoordt, which is pretty unique.

place to live
London. This city just has it all. It’s cleaner & prettier than New York & has better food than Amsterdam. & I just love the Brits.

city trip
Moscow because it’s underrated & still kind of undiscovered. I’ve been three times now, & I love it.

place to unwind
My family home. There’s no place in the world where I feel more relaxed & myself.

girls' trip
Somewhere warm & sunny, like Madrid or Lisbon!

travel bag
A black Samsonite carry-on.

travel outfit
On shorts flights I just want to look somewhat stylish. On longer flights, all I care about is comfort, so that means Lululemon Wunder Under tights (the best) & a black hoodie.  (I will never understand people who travel in pyjama pants & flip-flops). 

travel essentials
A good book, sunglasses, Glossier lip balm, earphones & contact lens fluid (not glam but necessary).

next trip
Montreal for work and Copenhagen for pleasure!

travel bucket list
Hawaii, a place I’ve dreamed of since childhood.