GLOOBLES FRIEND: Dámaso Berenguer in Blog

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Dámaso is a true modern Renaissance man. splitting his time between Madrid, London and New York as an art world darling for Colnaghi – not to mention all his travels just for pleasure – Dámaso is your go-to-guy for all tips artsy or edible.

travel magazine
To be honest, I don't really read travel magazines.

prepare for a trip
I sometimes ask local friends, but I actually don't plan much before a trip.

place to work
Anywhere and nowhere.

La Venencia in Madrid.

place to go with friends
In Madrid, I like La Castela for tapas or Barrutia.

I can't really think of just one at the moment, but I recently went to Sankt Annæ in Copenhagen, and I've been wanting to return ever since. Oh! Actually, no. I would say a fish restaurant by the sea. I would probably choose La Vela in Mare Chiaro, near Naples.

restaurant in Madrid
I am debating between La Castañal and Laredo.

Museo del Prado, of course

place to live
Madrid or London.

city trip

spot for a trip with friends
With the right people, the destination doesn't really matter. I know, I know. How cheesy is that?

travel bag
A Palmio.

travel outfit
I don't really think about it. Whatever I'm wearing works.

travel essentials
A book and my iPad loaded with something I've downloaded from Netflix.

next trip
UVA Festival in Ronda.

travel bucket list
India with a good friend of mine.