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Woah! It's December already. Now how did that happen?! We could swear that just yesterday we were sipping sunset cocktails at the Belmond Hotel Splendido & slurping down oysters in the sun at Leon's Oyster Shop, but suddenly, the holidays have sneaked up on us. 

Don't get us wrong. We adore this time of year. Everything sparkles, & we love cosying up in the most gezellig bars in town. But there's one thing that can put just the tiniest bit of stress in the season: presents.

While, of course, we certainly like getting gifts, it can be a bit tougher to pick out thoughtful, beautiful gifts for those we love. We go back and forth on whether or not our mother or our boyfriend or our best friend will like what we've picked out, and boy is it nerve-wracking. So, that's why this year, we wanted to take a bit of the guess work out of the equation for you. We've curated a list of the most covetable things around, the things we're really craving. That way, you can draw a little inspiration for what to give (or what to ask for!) this year.
Stephanie van Rappard, founder

Leica Sofort Instant Camera: I'm really wishing for a chic Polaroid camera this year so that I can capture special moments & be able to immediately see the memory in a printed picture & post it on my fridge. I always forget to take pictures at in these special moments like Christmas & NYE, but I am super excited to use this camera & can't wait capture my family & friends.

Coucou Jade Roller engraved with 'gloobles': Winter in Amsterdam is terribly cold, & skin tends to suffer here. That's why I want this beautiful jade roller. The engraving is because I just can't get enough of gloobles!

Prada Monkey-Print Cross-Body Bag: I love this bag (made exclusively for Matches Fashion) for every day with a pair of jeans & an oversized sweater. It makes every outfit pop. Plus you can wear it on your shoulder or as cross-body. 

Hayley Daen, content creator

Lekker Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Bike in Candy Red: I was devastated when my last bike (a Lekker bike my father bought me for Christmas last year) was stolen a month ago, so I'm determined to replace it, whether or not I gift it to myself. Word on the street is black bikes are the most appealing to thieves in Amsterdam, so I'll be opting for a cheery, cherry red one this time.

Rika Suede Anorak: If I'm honest, this is a truly absurd thing to ask for. The price is steep for a jacket, but I've had my eye on it since last year, so if you really love me, you know what to get me!

Oatly Matcha Latte: I don't drink coffee, so I'm a bit of a matchaaddict. There are few places in town that make a good one (& none within easy distance for my lazy a**), but these canned matchalattes from Oatly have been a bit of a godsend. I would not turn my nose up at a case of these bad boys.

Wessel Stam, developer

Google Chomecast V3: This gadget makes it easy to stream videos to your TV for a fairly reasonable price.

A Board Game: It's always nice to spend the holidays playing an old fashioned board game with friends & family.

Smartphone Gloves: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pick up your phone with gloves on 😂.

Alix van der Goes, intern

Khasto Pyjama Pants: The best pyjamas in the world. They're made of cotton cashmere & come in really nice neutral colours & prints. They’re perfect to wear on a cosy winter evening.

Ugg Slippers: I always steal my mom's, but its about time I get my own. They will also go perfectly with my new pyjama pants.

Yellow Korner Vintage Photo:I’ll be moving places soon, which means a new bedroom! I have my eye on a photo from the amazing photo shop in the 9 streets, Yellow Korner. It'll give my new room a new look.

Victoire Eouzan, art director

Fuji TX-100 Camera:This camera is perfect to bring with you for holidays & also very good for commissioned commercial work. It's not too big & slightly vintage in feel. I would love this new baby!

Dr. Martens Fur-Lined Boots:Once you try them, you'll adopt them for life. They'll keep you warm & trendy.

Gigi Clozeau Ring:This is a gift that I most certainly don't need, but I would just fall in love with it immediately. She's a wonderful designer from the South of France