GLOOBLES ON THE ROAD: Christmas & NYE in Blog

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If we were gamblers, we'd bet you're probably spending Christmas at home with your family. Or, at the very least, already have your plans set in stone for where to spend these festive days. But considering we're not willing to bet your happiness, we wanted to come up with an incredible list of places where you can spend Christmas & New Year's Eve. This way, we ensure you're not left in the lurch.

It can be impossible to pick just one place for this special time, but luckily, we were able to chat with or gloobles friends to find out where they'll be unwrapping presents & toasting 2019. We've rounded up the best of the best places to celebrate & get cosy from the slopes of Gstaad to the beaches of Spain & everywhere in between . So pull out that suitcase & don't forget to pack those presents! Oh, & a very happy Christmas & New Year to you & yours.

in the snow...

in the magical town of St. Moritz with gloobles friend Heleen.

in the beautiful mountain village of Gstaad with gloobles family members Stephanie & Alix & gloobles friends FlorianSophie & Teun.

In the sun...

in the glittering deserts of Oman with gloobles friends Jet & Alexander.

in hot & steamy Thailand with gloobles friend Frederiek.

in historic towns & stunning mountains of Peru with gloobles friend Tessa.

in the sparkling, tropical paradise of Cape Verde with gloobles friend Emilie.

in the city...

in the festive canals of Amsterdam with gloobles friends JudithSanne & Jeroen & family member Hayley.

in the vineyards of Cape Town with gloobles friends Fleur & Stuart.

in the steep, beautiful streets of Lisbon with gloobles friend Bella.

in the beautiful colonial city of Boston with gloobles friend TT.

in the Spanish sun in Madrid with gloobles friend Dámaso.

in the dreamy ports of the South of France in Marseille with gloobles family member Victoire.

In the country...

in the rolling, verdant hills of Ireland with gloobles friend Steve.

in quintessentially Christmassy Sweden with gloobles friend Sander.