GLOOBLES ON THE ROAD: Oktoberfest in Blog

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It's hard to miss that Oktoberfest has taken over Munich. The streets are flooded with girls in dirndls and boys in lederhosen, & the beer is flowing even more freely than usual. & though it's coming to a close, we couldn't resist sharing a few of our favourite spots in Munich to line our stomachs before we head to the tents & the best places to nurse our hangovers the next day.

It may be the last weekend, but we like to think it's the best. So grab your trachten & write down these tips. It will be the best Oktoberfest yet.
where to eat the night before

Theresa Grill is one of our favourite places to grab dinner the night before the festivities. It's dark & cosy & churns out steakhouse classics in its design-led interior.

Zum Goldenen Galb is located right in the heart of the city centre in a beautiful, ivy-covered building. Long tables line the dining room of the modern, exposed-brick restaurant. Seeing as it's a New York-style steakhouse, don't miss their dry-aged steaks.

Kapitales vom Rind is another terrific steakhouse (but hey, it's Bavaria, after all) that's located in the North of Munich. If you're lucky & the weather is nice, we strongly suggest you try & grab a table on their sunny terrace.

Glöckl am Dom is probably the most traditional option here & a great spot for Bavarian classics without being touristy. Expect hearty German classics.

where to grab a drink

Goldene Bar is a total classic & right by the English Garden. This charming bar has been recently renovated & is the perfect place to sip your beer or a cocktail. We love the lovely terrace when the sun is shining.

Theresa Bar is right next to the Theresa Grill, so it's ideal if you're looking for a place to grab a drink before you sit down for a fabulous steak dinner.

Bar Gabányi is our favourite cocktail bar to head to when we're in the mood for superb cocktails. We suggest heading here when you're tired of steins & in the mood for tasty cocktails in a dreamy, dark setting.

Schumann's is probably the most classic Munich bar. It feels very exclusive & has a calming, upscale vibe that's perfect when you want to chill out a bit from all the madness.

James T Hunt on the Schellingstraße is a teeny tiny bar that is usually quite crowded. Don't let this deter you though, as the drinks are really top notch.

Mr. Mumble's is tucked away & nearly hidden. It's also totally unknown, which can feel like a plus in all the hubbub of Oktoberfest. It's very intimate, as it has only four tables & a bar, plus one great waiter. You'll feel as if you're in New Orleans.

where to fill up before Oktoberfest

Cotidiano is a great place to stop by on your way to Oktobferfest for a casual breakfast in a cosy setting. Grab a few pastries & a coffee, & you'll be ready for the day ahead.

If you're lucky enough to have friends in Munich (or to live there) the best way to start your day is to have the traditional Bavarian breakfast of white sausages, pretzels & sweet mustard at home. If you don't know any locals, you can also head to any of the beer gardens in Munich to indulge.

where to nurse your hangover

Chinesischer Turm is the place to be when you're not feeling you're best, as we love going to a beer garden. If you're lucky, you may catch it on a day when the brass band is playing from the tower.

Seehaus is tucked away by a lake in the Northern part of the English Garden. Order a pretzel & some sausages (& maybe a beer if you're up for it) & wait for the hangover to melt away.

Kaisergarten in Schwabing is ideal if you're in the mood for a schnitzel - & you really can't come to Munich without having one or two. It's charming & rustic & a perfect spot for the morning after.