GLOOBLES ON THE ROAD: Victoire's Oman in Blog

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When you usually think of holiday destinations, we can bet Oman probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. But that's something that should change. Trust us. An incredibly diverse & beautiful country, Oman is not to be missed. Just a quick jaunt across the country reveals so many wonderful things, from peaceful, untouched deserts to verdant, tropical beaches.

Last week, one of our very own, Victoire Eouzan jetted off to the Middle Eastern paradise. Keep reading to find out everything about her magical journey, sunbeds, sea turtles & shawarma included.

My first time stepping foot in the Middle East was in Dubai, and I must admit, I was quite impressed when struck by the view of a modern, impressive city rising out of the desert.

When we landed in Muscat, however, I had no idea of the wonders I was about to discover. I could not have imagined the deep-seated traditions of the country nor the breathtaking landscapes! Each city & village is incredibly unique; some are located by the sea, some in the mountains, some edging near the desert. There is something for just about everyone.


We first spent two days in the capital of Oman, Muscat. You enter the centre of this city built by the sea via a large corniche weaving its way into Mutthrah, the old town. When you wander through this lovely area, you should venture into Muscat's old souk & discover wonderful treasures from spices to silks before indulging in some traditional food.

On our first night we had a very romantic dinner by the beach at the The Chedi, but unfortunately I didn't find a ring in my dessert. We got to tuck into some incredibly fresh fish that had been caught that very day. 

On our second day in Muscat, we were lucky to meet a taxi driver name Raid who drove us from the beach front in Qurum to the Al Alam Palace. We finished our day with a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which was well worth the trip.

On that final night we spent in Muscat, we dined at Bait Al Luban, a traditional Omani restaurant serving amazing fresh fish from the Arabian Sea. Nestled away in our balcony, we were able to drink in the incredible views of the port & the corniche as we ate. 


On the third day before reaching Misfat we stopped in Nizwa. Surrounded by an oasis of palm trees, Nizwa is home to the old Portuguese Fort that is a great draw for visitors. We grabbed a shawarma at Al-Mandi Al-Dhahabi in the fort's old souk to fuel us through our exploration.

When it was time to head on, we drove through the mountains as the sun set, finally arriving at Misfah Old House, tucked away in the Al Hajar Mountains. It was the perfect place to dive into the Omani culture; we rose in early mornings to walk among the palm trees in the valley of Al Hamra & enjoyed beautiful views of the landscape.

Al Sifah

After Misfah, we journeyed on to Al Sifah, a beautiful resort by the beach at Jebel Sifah. Though there’s practically nothing to do but lie on a sunbed by the infinity pool or by the beach, trying not to burn, we certainly could not complain. 30°C water & stunning view really do make for perfect holidays. If you're a more active type, you can also enjoy water activities such as snorkelling, diving & dolphin watching.

Muscat Hill Resort

We spent our last two days at the Muscat Hills Resort where we stayed in a beach hut with an outdoor bathroom. Our cosy little room was literally just a few metres from the beach & its comfortable sunbeds. We loved snorkelling in this dreamy spot, encountering wild sea creatures including sea turtles! We revelled in the delicious food, a blend of local & international dishes, but most particularly the incredibly fresh fish caught each morning.

Oman is a place where the mountain meets the sea in a truly spectacular way. I will not forget this trip for a long time to come.