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Have you ever wanted to see how somebody else lives? When they wake up in the morning & the people they see during the week? And, most importantly, what they eat? Us, too. And that's why we're bringing you THE GLOOBLES DIET, a deep dive into all of the munching & imbibing of our dearest gloobles friends.

If you've been around these parts for a while then you've probably noticed our babe of an intern, Alix van der Goes, the Dutchie who knows Amsterdam like the back of her hand & is our go-to when we want a dreamy spot to soak up the sun. We know that Alix certainly has her finger on the pulse of the best & brightest in what the city has to offer, so we were particularly curious how this gal fills her days & her belly. This week on THE GLOOBLES DIET, Alix tells all, from her insatiable pizza cravings to a little green curry to start the night & everything in between.

Thursday, April 25th

After a two week-long lazy break from uni spent eating at the weirdest times & treating myself - buying anything that even looked slightly tasty - to being too lazy to walk down the stairs to the Albert Heijn (thus living on odd combined leftovers for days), I figured it was time to get my shit together. So on Tuesday evening, I set my alarm to give me enough time to shower, have breakfast & make myself a nice Oatly oatmilk cup of coffee. But then the alarm actually went off the morning after, & let’s be honest, we all prefer the warm bed in the morning. So I have to postpone my diet once again since my eating habits on Wednesday areno different than the ones during the two weeks prior. But the time has come people: it’s Thursday, which is my day off, & I am having a grownup day. I wake up early & walk down my stairs to get some groceries. I always used eat Alpro soy yoghurt, but during my enlightening break, I watched marathons of Jamie Olivers cooking show where he explained that Alpro is filled with sugar. So I’ve decided to try a new one.

Shallow-minded as I can be, I get completely overwhelmed by all the options, so I just go with the one that has the most appealing & ‘trendy’ look. I also get some Eat Natural granola, banana, dates, coconut flakes & almond butter. Mix it all together & voila!

After feeling very pleased with myself for making a healthy breakfast, I decide to take it a step further. Time to go for a run - yes, I actually went. While on my run, I pass a place I haven't seen before: Bam Boa. Right on the Amstel with a nice beachy vibe. They even have a little fake beach on the water. I look up the menu online. Well, I try to, but they say the don't post their menu online to keep their guests on their toes. This sucks for me, as one of my favourite guilty pleasures is looking up menus & deciding what I want to get the day before I eat somewhere. But it caught my interest enough, so I persuade my housemate to join me for lunch there later in the afternoon. I'm pleasantly surprised by the menu, but I go for rather a safe choice: the avocado sandwich with feta & pulled chicken. 

After lunch, it’s time to go to uni in Utrecht for my thesis meeting. When im back home again at 8, all I'm craving is pizza from my favourite pizza place in Amsterdam: Loulou Pizzabar. I order one. They have so many good options, but I go for my favourite - I mean never change a winning team - the burrata stracciatella. &  no, it’s not actual chocolate stracciatella, it’s just a lot of fresh burrata (&you can ask for gluten-free pizza!!).

Friday, April 26th

Friday is my thesis day where I work at the Red Cross office all day, so I'm up nice & early. I go to the station & get an avocado hummus sandwich at the Broodzaak. Not great, but the best option at Amstel Station. When I get to the Red Cross  office in The Hague, my entire morning is packed with meetings. During the meetings we get lunch. I'm very picky with food, so if lunch is provided, I'm not really that thrilled. We get some sandwiches & wraps with veggies & chicken, but I decide to go grab my own lunch after the meetings. While leaving the building to go grab lunch & head back to Amsterdam, I spot the first few people in orange: the King's Night excitement can officially begin. I go to one of my favourite lunch spots in The Hague: Bite Me. I order the prawn Caesar salad & some truffle fries. It never disappoints. After lunch, I make my way back to the 'dam. When I get home, my roommates have opened up the first beers & are starting to get ready for the night. We order some food on Deliveroo: Bird Thai. Some green curry & pad Thai to start the night off well.

Saturday, April 27th

I'm skipping Saturday since it's King's Day, & my diet is all beers, fries, cheese sticks & dumplings.

Sunday, April 28th

Whenever I'm hungover, I always wake up before 8 am, no matter what time I get back. So the Sunday morning after King's Day is no different. I'm wide awake at 7:30, while all my housemates will be asleep for hours. So I settle myself on the best spot of the couch (the corner, where you get personal space & can stretch your legs, double win) & order an Acaï bowl from Juice Brothers. When the food arrives, I'm not extremely satisfied with my choice. When I'm hungover, I much prefer warm food. So I decide to have another look on Deliveroo. Unfortunately, none of the places serving warm lunch have opened up yet, so I have no other choice but to take the four flights of stairs to the Albert Heijn next door. While walking outside, I realise how quiet the streets still are - perfect. I decide to take a walk around the city to get over the hangover.

While walking past Le Pain Quotidien, I just simply can’t resist. I buy myself two fresh croissants & an apple banana smoothie. Content with my second brekky, I make my way home again to start a new season of one of my favourite shows: The Missing. Around 3, slowly but surely the house wakes up & we all decide to go somewhere for a late lunch. While deciding on where to go - we live with five girls = an hour has passed & everyone is still not showered, as we are still deciding what kind of restaurant we want to go to. Looking at the clock I realise Spgahetteria opens in an hour. Perfect. We all shower & get dressed, an activity that takes forever with 5 hungover girls, & make our way to the Spaghetteria on the van Woustraat. 20 minutes later, there are five very pleased girls with 5 plates of pasta in front of them, discussing the previous day while drinking a few glasses of red wine. After sitting there for a good 3 hours, we wander back home around 8. Everyone passes out within 15 minutes.