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Have you ever wanted to see how somebody else lives? When they wake up in the morning & the people they see during the week? And, most importantly, what they eat? Us, too. And that's why we're bringing you THE GLOOBLES DIET, a deep dive into all of the munching & imbibing of our dearest gloobles friends.

If you've been following along with us lately, then you probably remember one of our newest friends Athena de Belder, the Belgian babe who always knows what's up, whether it's the newest fitness craze in town or the most stylish spot to pick up your morning matcha. Because we know she's always feasting at the tastiest & most beautiful places in town, we were particularly curious how this blonde beauty fills her days & her belly. This week on THE GLOOBLES DIET, Athena tells all, from her poison of choice to the "perks" of a work-catered lunch & everything in between.

Saturday, March 2nd

Three of my best friends are visiting me for the weekend (from Stockholm & London), so I’m taking them to some of my favourite spots in Amsterdam! After a coffee at home (made in my favourite tiny Bialetti, with oat milk), we head out to the Noordermarkt, which is probably my favourite spot in Amsterdam. After a quick round of the farmer’s market, we settle down at Winkel 43 for tea, coffee & apple pie! We’ve picked the sunniest spot, & I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day.

After some walking around, we make a quick stop at Marqt. That half piece of apple pie wasn’t quite enough, so I have a vegetarian sausage roll (nothing special), a coconut water & a ginger shot. Enough to keep me going until lunch.

After having zig-zagged through all of the 9 streets, we put our names down at Fou Fow Ramen, probably the most popular ramen place in Amsterdam. 2 PM on a Saturday seems to be the sweet spot because we only end up waiting for 10 minutes. I order basic vegetarian ramen with extra sweetcorn & Diet Coke on the side. I allow myself one Diet Coke per week, so I guess today is that day.

After some more touristy activities, it’s time for another energy bump around 5 PM. We sit down for coffee at a terrace in De Pijp. I have an espresso & a sparkling water.

Many hours later, it’s time to get ready for dinner! We have a 9 PM reservation at Toscanini, so we snack on some pita chips (which I brought from Canada, I just love them that much!) before we head to the restaurant. At Toscanini, a classic Italian, we order a bottle of red, & we all go for pasta. I choose the delicious beetroot ricotta-filled tortellini, which is swimming in butter (as it should be). After the pasta, we share two desserts: some fluffy white chocolate hazelnut thing & a pear tart. A heavy but delicious meal, which we polish off with some cocktails at Morgan & Mees. My poison of choice is the Señorita, a mix of Pisco, lime, pineapple juice & pomegranate.

Sunday, March 3rd

The day starts as it did yesterday, with an oat milk latte. I never drink coffee at home, except on weekends. We slept in, so we only have our first meal around noon, at Buffet Van Odette (where I run into gloobles friends HayleyTT!). I never really eat eggs (I just don’t love them), but I’ve never tried the truffle cheese omelette here, so I just go for it. Plus a side of roasted tomatoes & a grapefruit juice. The eggs are good, only there’s a dollop of mayo on my plate, which I’m a bit unsure about. The Dutch have strange ideas sometimes… But I enjoy the eggs & homemade bread!

After brunch, it’s time to say goodbye to my friends. The weather is so dreadful that I stay inside all day until it’s time to go for my favourite Sunday evening hot yoga class. I down a bottle of water while I’m at it.

After yoga, it’s time for dinner, so I make a big salad with: rocket, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fried spicy tofu, parsley, mint & a lime & olive oil dressing. Later in the evening I have two squares of 95% chocolate, dipped in peanut butter. & a cup of Sleepy Time tea (my favourite).

Monday, March 4th

It’s Monday, which means I go back to work! I drink the remainder of my (now cold) tea thatI left on my bedside table last night. I have two breakfast options that I go for on work days: porridge or a smoothie bowl. Today is a porridge day. I make it with jumbo oats, oat milk, cinnamon, flax & chia seeds, one banana &, of course, a spoonful of peanut butter (my ultimate source of fat & protein).

Mondays at work are usually filled with meetings, so I only have an oat latte & a glass of water before lunch.

Since I work at a tech company, one of the “perks” is catered lunch. I fill up a bowl with some pasta, sun-dried tomato, pesto, grilled zucchini & aubergine. I finish off with two small clementines.

The afternoon is a whirlwind of meetings & making attempts to catch up with work. I have one oat latte, one espresso, a rooibos tea, a sparkling water & two sneaky sweets from the candy jar. I’m going boxing straight after work, so I eat a banana right before I go.

Boxing is fun but tiring, & I drink a big bottle of water during class.

While making dinner, I snack on some pita chips. My meal is quite similar to what it was yesterday: a big bowl filled with rocket, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fried spicy tofu, parsley, mint & a lime & olive oil dressing. I add some vegan mayo & lingonberry sauce to eat with the sweet potato (random but good).

I spend the evening watching ‘Back with the Ex’ with my roommate. Before going to bed I have a Sleepy Time tea.

Tuesday, March 5th

Today it’s a smoothie bowl day! For some reason, I never get tired of my two “fixed” breakfast options, & I don’t see a reason why I would change it. My smoothie consists of one banana, a big handful of frozen strawberries, two spoons of coconut yohgurt & a small dash of water. Once blended into a smooth, froyo-like consistency, I scoop it into a bowl & add homemade granola, chia seeds, coconut flakes & peanut butter.

When I get to the office, I make myself an oat cappuccino. I also drink two cups of tea (chamomile & ginger) before lunchtime. I’m not feeling too inspired today, so lunch is a grilled cheese sandwich & a bowl of salad & vegetables.

In the afternoon I get peckish, so I eat 4 corn crackers with hummus. I have another espresso & drink lots of tea & water.

We are celebrating something at work, so they install a full-service cocktail bar in one of the meeting rooms. I have a giant mojito, some crisps & my favorite Dutch snack: borrelnootjes. I leave around 7 to make it to my boxing class, feeling slightly intoxicated. I have one & a half bottles of water during & after my training.

For dinner, I take some leftover vegetable curry from last week out of my freezer. I cook some basmati rice & add lots of parsley on top of it.

I end the day with Sleep Time tea!

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