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Have you ever wanted to see how somebody else lives? When they wake up in the morning & the people they see during the week? And, most importantly, what they eat? Us, too. And that's why we're bringing you THE GLOOBLES DIET, a deep dive into all of the munching & imbibing of our dearest gloobles friends.

If you live in Amsterdam, you probably know our healthiest friend, Nathalie Streng. If you don't know her personally, you've certainly popped into The Cold Pressed Juicery, her healthy hotspot,  or gobbled up her unrivalled tips in her interview a while back. We don't know about you, but we were curious how one of Amsterdam's finest fills her days & her belly. This week on THE GLOOBLES DIET, Nathalie tells all, from innumerable bright & healthy juices to Dutch favourite Tony's Chocolonely & everything in between.


Monday, December 10

I usually tend to have juices during the day & other stuff at night. Honestly, I never have breakfast anywhere else but The Cold Pressed Juicery. Breakfast is one ginger shot & one turmeric shot. I also have a large The Pro (packed with fennel, apple, lemon & probiotics) & an oat milk cappuccino. 

Since it's cold out, I have soup for lunch. Today, it's a cauliflower, lima bean & quinoa soup with smoked paprika. I have a Power Ball from TCPJ for a snack later.

Dinner is eggplant parmigiana before I tuck into four clementines for dessert.

Tuesday, December 11

I'm leaving for Christmas vacation in Bangkok this coming Saturday, so there's little time & so much to do. In order to keep healthy, I have another ginger shot & a turmeric shot, along with our incredible new 100% PDC - that's pure Dutch celery juice. I finish with another oat milk cappuccino.

Lunch is a Lightsaber juice from TCPJ. It's great. It's got spinach, pineapple, parsley, aloe vera & chia seeds. I have a Matcha Ball & a Pret a Protein juice (spinach, kale, apple, pear, spirulina & lime) for a snack later.

Tonight, I head out for dinner with friends to a Japanese restaurant, Umeno. I enjoy lots of little bites. I have seaweed salad, asparagus miso soup & raw salmon & avocado. I also have grilled salmon with shitake mushrooms & figs.

Wednesday, December 12

This morning I go for a smoothie rather than a juice. I drink a large Cup of Youth smoothie with berries, kale, spinach, matcha, chia seeds & camu camu. The extra vitamin C from the camu camu will help ensure I don't get sick during the holidays.

Lunch is a carrot & lentil soup with lots of spices that holds me over until dinner time.

For dinner, I have a bit of a mezze spread. I have hummus, falafel with tahini, smoked eggplant with pomegranate, roasted herbed cauliflower, cooked spinach & an Israeli tabbouleh salad. After that, I indulge with a bit of Tony's Chocolonely chocolate.