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Have you ever wanted to see how somebody else lives? When they wake up in the morning & the people they see during the week? And, most importantly, what they eat? Us, too. And that's why we're bringing you THE GLOOBLES DIET, a deep dive into all of the munching and & imbibing of our dearest gloobles friends.

Remember our new friend Tessa Duste? You've probably seen her all over our Instagram Stories the past few days, where she let us in on all her daily dining secrets. We don't know about you, but we were curious how one of Amsterdam's finest fills her days & her belly. This week on THE GLOOBLES DIET, Tessa tells all, from her monthly soup club to goat milk yoghurt & everything in between.

Wednesday, November 21

Waking up to my first Diet day for gloobles… As I have never been on a diet, I knew this was going to be a tough one ;).

But full of energy, I get up, get dressed & head to the train station "The Dutch Way" (that's on my bicycle). Destination? I’m off to a breakfast meeting in Utrecht, a city close to Amsterdam where I have a meeting at The Greenhouse, a recently opened & “future proof” restaurant. It is the first totally circular food pavilion in The Netherlands, with its own HRBS Urban farm. My company HRBS has been so lucky to be part of this project! 

At 8:00 I arrive, and I’m the first one in. I order a goat milk yoghurt with fruit & muesli & an Earl Grey tea with some hot milk on the side. Those who know me well know I always drink my tea the British way. Even though many people find it weird, I find it much tastier with milk. The breakfast arrives with a buffet of toppings for my goat yoghurt: berries, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat & more. Could’t imagine a better start to the day. 

Around noon I go back to Amsterdam & take my bike to the second meeting of the day, in ‘The Nine Streets.’ I pass by The Lebanese Sajeria, & I order a take-away Manoushe filled with Zaatar, Halloumi cheese & fresh mint. For people that don’t know what a Manoushe is (I didn’t), it is a freshly baked whole wheat flatbread.  Good to know, right?! You'll seem very worldly with this knowledge ;). It was soooo yummy!

I head home & have some tea with a few pieces of  Original Beans (ZOQUE 88%) chocolate. (I LOVE this brand. You guys should take a look at it; for every bar you buy, you preserve one tree. But they do a lot more than that.)

Around 18:00 I finish off with my last meeting of the day with our Green architectural firm Makers of Sustainable Spaces (MOSS). We are working on the new headquarters of to make it a fully lush, green building. It was a good meeting, & I rush over to my friend's place for dinner. 

My friend makes the best soups I know, & it is always a delight to meet up at her place. Every month we have a “Tom-ka/Pho/Ramen” soup night at her place with a couple of friends; it’s tradition. And I certainly want to uphold important traditions like these! ?? Tonight she made a Japanese soup with nori. Fun fact: she collects blue & green cups & plates, carefully collected from shops from all over the world. She was inspired by the collection of artist Jeanine Eek Keizer.

We finished the evening with a soy milk black tea infused with cloves. Crazy night! ;)

Thursday, November 22

Another day, another gloobles diet. I wake up at 7:00 & go down to make my signature breakfast, I seriously eat this every morning when I’m home. (It might be a good idea to change it every once in a while to get some more diversity on the plate, but it is just THAT good!) 

My breakfast bowl consists of coconut yoghurt, pan-fried red fruits, oats, cranberry, nuts, a bit of farmer's honey, cinnamon & a good scoop of peanut butter. I learned this peanut butter thing from my favourite breakfast bar in Copenhagen, Grød. They have the best oat bowls in the world! 

Walking out of the house, I get into our company van to go to Den Bosch where I have a meeting at the most high-tech urban farm in The Netherlands. At the farm, I get to taste the newest leafy greens, & they are so flavourful! It is great to see what the future of food looks like! 

Back at the office I enjoy a late lunch. A green bean salad, carrot coconut soup, humus & some rice crackers. I eat it behind my computer & finish off with a homemade freshly baked pumpkin cake made by my sweet American colleague. It is Thanksgiving after all. 

Around 17:00, our hallway drinks start with beer pong & Croky potato chips. I try to flee as soon as possible ;). Thankfully my colleague & I have a plan for the evening. At 19:00 we arrive at the Sprout Challengers Award, an evening with a lot of (mostly male) entrepreneurs. It is hosted at one of the most exclusive car dealers in The Netherlands, which certainly fits the male attendees. If you guessed the dinner would've been very meat heavy, you'd be correct. As I prefer not to meat, my evening meal consisted mostly of cheese sticks, cucumber with hummus, bread & some pumpkin soup. At the end of the night I needed some more energy, so I did indulge in some salmon. Note to self: tomorrow, vegetarian again! 

Friday, November 23

As I didn't wake up in my own home, I DID have some diversity in my breakfast routine! & I was in a hurry! So after some fruit (grapes, banana & mandarin), muesli & tea, I go to my first meeting of the day. This meeting takes place in a restaurant across from my office where you can wander around a green roof garden with a wild mix of plants & even some chickens scurrying around. We have a drink inside at the restaurant called Bureau, which is ideal for fine dining. As it is still too early for lunch, we save this indulgence for another time. 

I join the team at our office for some lunch, which is similar to yesterday's spread.

Our office is usually stocked with fresh herbs (as this is our business), & that's why we always drink our tea with some fresh mint, lemon balm or thyme. This time I snip some thyme & make my own herbal infused tea. 

Around 15:00, I leave the office to go to Soho House. I’m catching up with a friend of mine for some drinks & a small bite. Once in a while, we help each other with some burning ‘entrepreneurial’ questions. We order the charred broccoli with hemp seed cream, almond dukkah & Urfa (can someone tell me what this is?) & the fried cauliflower with turmeric & lemon aioli. We both order a ginger tea. As I am going to the gym in about an hour, I needed a small, light dish. 

At home after a yoga/fitness class, I (of course) go crazy on the snacks: some sweet cinnamon popcorn, chocolate dipped rice crackers & some leftover ‘Original Beans’ chocolate. Yes, who would guess, I L-O-V-E dark chocolate. This is all energy food for the night to come because I am dressing up for some drinks & a little dance with friends at the Cinetol & who knows what else...