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Have you ever wanted to see how somebody else lives? When they wake up in the morning & the people they see during the week? And, most importantly, what they eat? Us, too. And that's why we're bringing you THE GLOOBLES DIET, a deep dive into all of the munching and & imbibing of our dearest gloobles friends.

Remember our new friend TT Pasanen? You might recall her interview last week, where she dished on being drawn to The Met & the ethereal agnolotti at Lilia. We don't know about you, but we were curious how this Boston babe fills her days and her belly. This week on THE GLOOBLES DIET, TT tells all, from juicy Negronis to innumerable vats of coffee to the revelatory power of even a sub-par pizza.

Wednesday, July 25

I start every morning with a vat of black coffee, & today was no different. I get my beans from the sweet family-run Harar coffee; I go for their espresso roast for my French press.

In the summer, I eat as many tomatoes as humanly possible, so breakfast was heirloom tomatoes with sea salt, basil and hummus & lemon.

I work at a tech company where the food is like a caricature of food at a tech company. Today my theme was off-duty ceramics teacher: broccoli rice & pearled barley with lightly pickled cucumbers, salmon with salsa verde, pea mint puree & parsley vinaigrette.

It is one million degrees this week, so I wanted to cook as minimally as possible. Made an herb salad (basil + parsley + mint) with scallions & avocado, olive oil and lots of red wine vinegar, sautéed shrimp marinated in lime zest + juice, cumin pepper, red pepper flakes, salt & olive oil, and left over tomato cucumber panzanella. Split three quarters of a bottle of albarino from my neighbour’s vineyard in Spain!

Thursday, July 26

Half vat of coffee & iced matcha latte with cashew milk, plus a piece of watermelon.

Lunch was a sort of farmhouse picnic medley: wilted lettuce (sad!) with cold roasted cherry tomatoes & a piece of broccoli frittata. And a handful of peanuts!

I snacked on half a cookie (that was kind of melty from the heat, which made it even better) & espresso.

Drank Campari sodas on a terrace given that it was two million degrees. At 10:00 P.M. I realised that I still hadn't had dinner & ended up having sub-par pizza that was still quite satisfying - reaffirming the belief that even bad pizza is good pizza.

Friday, July 27

Breakfast was an iced latte with oat milk, pecans & cherries

Lunch was a mozzarella bar! I had many tomatoes (cherry, yellow, red) and burrata. Also some arugula and pearled barley with parsley vinaigrette. To drink, I had lots of sparkling water with lemon.

I was in London for the weekend & had a birthday dinner at The Ivy Chelsea Garden - first course was an Asian-y pulled pork "salad" with watermelon. For the main course, we had salmon with whipped potatoes and asparagus. Dessert was birthday cake & chocolate bombe with vanilla ice cream & hot salted caramel sauce.

Saturday, July 28

Slept in way past breakfast so woke up and treated myself to a burger, fries & cherry soda at Byron Burger. Extra pickles, medium rare.

For dinner, I went to a barbecue with the friends of my friend. The guys were grilling all day, so I had “bits and bobs” of grilled zucchini, grilled halloumi & chicken skewers, plus a couple of salads, including potato salad with radish & chives and green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

I was staying with a friend who is pregnant, so I got to indulge her pregnancy cravings with her. Saturday night that meant delicious Italian gelato around the corner from her house - I had a scoop of pistachio and cookies & cream in a cone. Plus two cups of ginger cardamom tea.

Sunday, July 29

Had an "alternative English Breakfast" at a place called Arlo’s. Mine included seared halloumi, sautéed spinach, poached eggs on sourdough, cherry tomatoes & a grilled mushroom. And a cheeky side of chorizo.

Had some Reese’s Pieces while waiting at Gatwick.

For dinner, I went to Razmataz, & had a sort of caprese - tomato puree, buffalo mozzarella & borlotti beans, which were toothsome & delicious. I also had a bit of my dining mate’s dinner, which was a sort of mushed pea frittata, which had a nice crispy (parmesan?) lid & was served with watercress salad. Had a few glasses of Viognier & finished w a “Juicy Negroni,” which is a Negroni with some sort of grapefruit element? It was passable. Ending the weekend - and this diary - like the lush that I am ;)