THE GLOOBLES GIFT GUIDE: Christmas 2019 in Blog

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Woah! It's December already. Now how did that happen?! We could swear that just yesterday we were sipping sunset cocktails at Hôtel Bourbon in Paris and nibbling on the most delicious small plates at Bar Parry, but suddenly, the holidays have sneaked up on us. 

Don't get us wrong. We adore this time of year. Everything sparkles, and we love cosying up in the most gezellig spots in town. But there's one thing that can put just the tiniest bit of stress in the season: presents.

While, of course, we certainly like getting gifts, it can be a bit tougher to pick out thoughtful, beautiful gifts for those we love. We go back & forth on whether or not our mother or our boyfriend or our best friend will like what we've picked out, & boy is it nerve-wracking. So, that's why this year, we wanted to take a bit of the guess work out of the equation for you. We've curated a list of the most covetable things around, the things we're really craving. That way, you can draw a little inspiration for what to give (or what to ask for!) this year.

Stephanie van Rappard, founder

beauty case by Isaac ReinaOne of the things on my wish list is a small beauty case from Isaac Reina. They're great because you can keep all your jewellery in one place whether you're at home or on the go.

hair piece by Sophie Bille Brahe: Because I just can't get enough of Sophie Bille Brahe's jewellery, I definitely am hoping for one of her gorgeous hair pieces. Her jewellery is both timeless & effortless. Every time I wear my diamond ear cuff, I still get lots of compliments.

Hayley Daen, content creator

Dyson Air WrapSure, it's not the chicest gift around, but once I put it to use, I just may be the chicest lady around. I borrowed the Dyson Air Wrap from a friend of mine at a wedding in Austria, and it was truly revolutionary. It also might help me cut out my all too frequent blowout habit. Though I do love Assort...

shearling coat by Saks PottsMy parents (& just about everyone I know) will roll their eyes when they see I'm in the market for yet another fur coat, but hear me out. I need this one!! This shearling coat from Saks Potts is super chic & terribly practical, if you ask me. I do live in a country where it's winter for nearly half of the year, after all.

Victoire Eouzan, art director

jewellery by Charlotte ChesnaisThe jewellery from Charlotte Chesnais is playful & makes you feel very unique. The jewellery always manages to beautifully mould to you as if it's an extension of your body. I'd love something from here, as it makes it look as if you are wearing a piece of art. It's simply gorgeous!

mini wallet by Jerome Dreyfuss: The Jerome Dreyfuss mini wallet in gold is always sparkling, and I know it would make me shine, no matter the occasion. It would be like a little gem in my bag!

Alix van der Goes, intern

White Rhino diffuser by Baobab : If you want your room to smell like a trendy boutique that fills you with happiness every time you enter, buy one of these. I love that the subtle, delicious scent makes walking into your room feel like a warm welcome. They also last for ages, and you can refill it with a different scent if you feel like switching things up. It's on my wish list because it's always my absolute favourite thing in my room.

wool blanket by Arket: Every time I enter Arket, I touch the blankets, I smell the blankets, I feel the blankets and I'm so close to purchasing one. But for some reason, I always end up feeling like it's a waste of money, buying a single, expensive blanket. But every single time it's cold outside & I'm on my couch trying to get cosy underneath a synthetic Ikea blanket, I regret my decision to skip that purchase. I am coveting this 100% wool blanket that's nice, cosy & comes in eight different colours & patterns.

Solgil Oh, illustrator

wind chimes: I wish for wind chimes because their healing sound can help bring new perspectives into the home and remind you to seek new & fresh air. I also like that they are made from delicate shapes & remind you to look up.

brass pendulum: I have a crystal pendulum & would love to add this one to the collection. It has a beautifully heavy weight & looks really stunning. Pendulums help to be in touch with one's intuition, and you can do different types of energetic tests with them.

bonus wish: I wish for greater tolerance & love in my relationships :)