Fou Fow Ramen - Elandsgracht in Amsterdam

price: $ $$$$
tiny cosy spot with yummy authentic ramen, the perfect place for a quick and cheap meal (especially when it's cold outside), it can get quite busy so prepare for a short wait for a table
tip by: Sophie Beeftink & Teun van Rappard Athena de Belder
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address: Elandsgracht 2A
neighbourhood: De Jordaan
phone: +31 20 845 0544
Sunday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Tuesday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Wednesday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Thursday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Friday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Saturday12:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00

near Fou Fow Ramen - Elandsgracht

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