Parrilla Don Julio in Buenos Aires

price: $$$ $$
very cosy upscale Argentinian parrilla with the tastiest steak around, all the beef is from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus & Hereford cattle raised in the countryside outside Buenos Aires, go for a relaxed lunch or arrive early for dinner to avoid super long waits, order a beautiful bottle of Malbec and don't forget to sign it so it can be added to the wall of wine sculpture
tip by: Frederiek Burlage Heleen van Poecke Stephanie van Rappard
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address: Calle Guatemala 4699
neighbourhood: Palermo Soho
phone: +54 11 4832 6058
Sunday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Monday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Tuesday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Wednesday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Thursday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Friday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00
Saturday12:00-16:00, 19:00-01:00

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